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Shurflo filter
Posted: 15 October 2021 10:49 PM
Subject: Shurflo filter

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Location: Redditch/Vilamoura.2017 Pilote 741G 150bhp LHD

I have removed the plastic filter bowl from the shurflo pump (2017)to clean the filter. I have screwed it back on to the pump and now the system is full of air. I have tried opening the taps one at a time and all together but cannot get rid of the air and pulsing taps.

The system was working fine before removing the filter.
userDerek Uzzell
Posted: 16 October 2021 8:58 AM
Subject: RE: Shurflo filter

Location: MODERATOR - 2015 Rapido 640F LHD 2.3ltr 150bhp

I assume you are referring to the type of filter shown in the attached image.

There are several versions of this filter with different inlet and outlet connectors, but the main body of the unit is the same in all cases.The filter is fitted ‘upstream’ of the water-pump and is usually attached directly to it.

The simplest explanation for your present problem is that air is getting into the SHURflo pump, either because one (or both) of the filter’s connectors have not been properly tightened, or the filter’s bowl has not been tightened sufficiently and is allowing air to enter.

If you’ve only removed the bowl from the filter, take the bowl off again, check its seal and refit it. If you’ve removed the complete filter in order to remove the bowl (which needs to be done with my Rapido) take the fllter off again, remove and refit the bowl and then reconnect the filter ensuring the the connectors are tight. The connectors won’t tolerate brutality and, if split, will let in air. (I wipe the connectors’ threads with a PTFE lubricant to ease screwing them up, but that shouldn’t really be necessary.)

If either of the connectors or the bowl isn’t tight, the SHURflo pump will much rather suck in air than water...


Attachments Shurflo-Filter-255-215.jpg (65KB - 10 downloads)
Posted: 16 October 2021 9:01 AM
Subject: RE: Shurflo filter

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Location: Birmingham. 2004 Auto-Trail Cheyenne Mercedes 313.

If you cannot clear the air then it sounds as though you have an air leak at the filter. Try removing it again and check the 'O' rings are correctly positioned and not damaged. I lubricate the 'O' rings on mine with 'AQUAGEL' diving gear lube which I used to use on the filter seals of a hot tub.


Edit: Derek beat me to it while I was finding the name of the diving lube!
Posted: 16 October 2021 9:20 AM
Subject: RE: Shurflo filter

Has lots to offer

Posts: 436
Location: Redditch/Vilamoura.2017 Pilote 741G 150bhp LHD

Good morning Derek and Keith, both spot on as usual

I removed the filter bowl again and there was a very tiny crimp in the rubber seal where it hadn't seated properly.
I have refitted it properly this time and the air has now been removed, we just have to wait for the sync process now (pump comes on when tap is opened not 5 seconds later).
Have a great weekend.
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