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Silver Screens
Posted: 20 January 2005 4:09 PM
Subject: Silver Screens

The previous post seems to have gone from Awnings to Silver screen

Well we wer issued with internal screens by the manufacturer. They are Ok to put up in a hurry say to keep out the sun (in Spanish winters)
However in Northern European winters you get lots of condensation on both front & side windows.

So we made some external ones using Ripstop nylon (breathble garment stuff) and some bubblewrap

First we cut out a template for the windscreen and side windows
Then made a sandwich of two layers of bubblewrap (bubbles together) between the ripstop nylon.

The sides are made with a third Layer of ripstop froming a pocket into which we slot the side window, on the front outer edge e have sewn a strip of velcro
The Windscreen sandwich has a flap each side also with velcro attached

This stops the condenstion
In V cold weather we use both inner & outer together

We are now making a pair of coveers for the side windows with net in place of the ripstop so that we can have the side windows open in hot weather (only when we are in the van) for extra ventilation
userMike Culver
Posted: 21 January 2005 8:10 PM
Subject: Silver Screens

Thanks Pete for your reply re the 'silver screens' and we are sure we will have to get some, nothing worse than being cold in the middle of the night, or if you have heating on losing it all thro. the glass, but your idea of making your own sounds good could well give it a try, mind where do you put everything we talk about taking with us ! my 'site manager' says we will have to tow a small trailer, and I always do as I'm told !! again thanks, be lucky. Mike
Posted: 21 January 2005 8:54 PM
Subject: Silver Screens

Hi Mike
for help
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