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Sto;en Motor Home
userPeter Lawton-Harris
Posted: 18 January 2005 12:11 PM
Subject: Sto;en Motor Home

Has anybody "lost" an American Motorhome during the last five years?

In Spain I was offered a motor home which had a diferent registration number on the vehicle to the one on the documents.

I believe this to be a stolen vehicle.

I know just where this is.
userBill Ord
Posted: 18 January 2005 3:46 PM
Subject: Sto;en Motor Home

There are lots of vehicles running around Spain on false number plates. I was told last Autumn of a German woman found changing the plates on her car at La Manga and when asked why she told my friend that she was changing the plates to return to Germany!! It seems that it's a way of avoiding speeding/parking fines and more. When I asked around quite a few people had similar tales to tell. It's quite common to see British registered cars with out of date tax discs or no tax discs on Spanish streets. The Spanish police don't seem to take an interest. My view is that the vehicles are probably not insured either. Much as I enjoy visiting Spain for the weather in Autumn and Spring I'm always aware that a totally different culture exists when it comes to crime, natural born thieves is a not too unkind description.

Bill Ord
userMel E
Posted: 19 January 2005 11:27 PM
Subject: Sto;en Motor Home

Actually, Bill, it's extremely unkind and very inappropriate.
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