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userDon Madge
Posted: 13 August 2005 9:32 AM
Subject: Switzerland

Do you have a motorhome over 3500kg?

Have you visited Switzerland this year?

Did you have to register for HVF?

The Swiss HVF site :- states

The principles as well as the broader framework for fee calculation are defined in the legal framework (Swiss constitution, HVF Act and HVF Ordinance): the fee burdens heavy vehicles according to the "polluter pays" principle (driving more leads to higher fees). The HVF applies to all domestic and foreign vehicles for the transport of goods (lorries, tractors and their trailers) with a total permissible laden weight over 3.5 tons.

Under the old system Motorhomes over 3500kg were treated the same as the truckers or was the last time I visited Switzerland with my Liaka 400i.

How are Motorhomes treated now?

Posted: 13 August 2005 10:09 AM
Subject: Switzerland


Like you, I found large motorhomes were treated the same as trucks ans buses for motorway use the last time I visited Switzerland. This was last Sep (2004). I wonder what happens now?


userDon Madge
Posted: 13 August 2005 4:42 PM
Subject: Switzerland


From what I can gather from other motorhome sites they seem to be useing the pre 2005 system for 10 days for SF32.50.or there abouts.

Posted: 14 August 2005 6:33 PM
Subject: Switzerland

I can confirm that the Swiss are still (July '05) treating over 3500kg motorhomes at the same rates as recent years.

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