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copilot can poi be added
Posted: 10 February 2019 8:44 AM
Subject: copilot can poi be added
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Hi folks, I have been forced to reset my tablet due to someone gaining access and wish to reload copilot.
the program loaded and runs ok, so now I wish to add my own poi. I have the files on a separate card, but have forgotton the procedure to integrate them.
I have been in contact with co pilot, but as yet dont have the answer. Can anyone spell out in simple terms the procedure necessary. I know (remember) that the files are to be transferred to a particular area of copilot, but cant recall the correct detail

thanks Tonyg3nwl
Posted: 10 February 2019 11:31 AM
Subject: RE: copilot can poi be added

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Hope this helps

1. CoPilot must be off - ensure USB media file transfer mode is selected on tablet
2. Place POI files (csv & bmp (or png) in com.alk.copilot.eumarket.premiumeupan\save folder. Best to do only one POI at a time
3. Note: csv and bmp files should be named the same (avoid long file names)
4. .csv file formatting: must have 3 x columns named: Longitude/Latitude/Name. Ensure the Lat, Long and Name are inserted via the Formula Bar and not the individual Cells
5. Launch CoPilot. It will immediately display a pop up stating that a new POI set has been found and will show you the file name of the POI you imported. Click the next arrow (to the right) and pick which category to store the POI's under. You can either select a pre-existing category or select "New Category" to add your own. Enter a name and click next. Choose the icon/image for the Custom POI and click Next.
6. Select "No" for the option "Are you importing safety camera data?" (Unless that's the case), then click "Next"
7. CoPilot should then import all your POIs.
8. How it works: It does this by creating the folder hierarchy: EU\save\user_places\. CoPilot extracts the data from the .csv and bmp/.png and creates the relevant poi files, then deletes the .csv but not the icon file. It remains in the "save" directory, but is no longer needed; the data and icons are embedded in the large "POI.gnx" file in the folder that CoPilot creates. Even if the bmp/png is deleted after completing the POI import process, the icons still show up in CoPilot.
9. The Custom POI category can now be viewed alongside others and turned on/off via Settings > Map Display > Show POIs on Map > Currently Displayed POIs (and similar settings for POI Alerts).
10. Important note: When adding new POIs – always put files in the com.alk.copilot.eumarket.premiumeupan\save folder and not the EU\save folder

How to remove custom POI's
Custom POI's could be removed in two ways:
• If a new category was created when adding the POI's:
11. Go to the folder com.alk.copilot.eumarket.premiumeupan\EU\save\user_places
12. Remove the relevant folder which carries the name of your POI's category
13. Go to the folder com.alk.copilot.eumarket.premiumeupan\save
14. Remove the icon for your custom category
• If the POI's were added to an existing category:
1. Update the POI's when an update is available, or
2. Completely remove CoPilot from your device, and install it again.
3. This will bring CoPilot back to its default settings
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