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wing mirror extension bars
Posted: 2 January 2005 7:37 PM
Subject: wing mirror extension bars

does anyone know were to purchase estension bars for wing mirrors on my autotrial cheyenne 635,
offside has a 6inch bar, the nearside only has a
4inch and with all the adjustment possible I can only see the side of the van, autotrial and flat
both say they do not sell them, any suggestions?
Posted: 3 January 2005 10:41 AM
Subject: wing mirror extension bars

Any of the commercial dealers who handle your base vehicle for the commercial trade should be able to supply. These extensions are frequently required with the many body variants that dealers have fitted locally. Most are wider than the base vehicle cab. Don,t expect Fiat themselves to provide this bit as it will come from a sub supplier to the special vehicle body industry.

If I were in Newark I would probably ask Newark Vehicle Bodies. Perhaps a phone call to Brian Wilmer there may help? Tel 01636 702 737
Address - Mills Drive, Farndon Road, Newark, Notts. NG24 4SN.
They have done good work for me previously.
Good luck

userNick Miller
Posted: 3 January 2005 5:02 PM
Subject: wing mirror extension bars

I had a similar problem in my VW T4 Coachbuilt.T4
mirrors have no 'other bit'to offer a different sight angle.The nearside view was very poor especially when joining main roads.
I travel alone with the dog mainly in France and repeated requests to him whilst on our travels about the state of the traffic over his shoulder met with indifference.

I purchased a pair of shhhhhh caravaner's tug car mirror extenders that were suported VERTICALLY by the rubber strapping and are then turned to offer a different view down the road to that offered by the VW mirrors.One mirror on top of the other.Right?

Its not the neatest solution but they have not moved over three long trips in France.
As we do not envisage a situation where human assistance is to hand with the driving i will have a rear view camera fitted to the new van.
This should enable me to see what them 'furiners' are up to behind me.
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