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2011 trip plans...
userOAL Moderator
Posted: 16 December 2010 10:33 AM
Subject: 2011 trip plans...

Only Human

Location: Bourne, Lincolnshire

If all goes to plan, how many trips of four or more days do you hope to take throughout 2011? 
Posted: 16 December 2010 11:06 AM
Subject: RE: 2011 trip plans...
Forum master

Posts: 2173
Location: South Lincs

5 trips to Europe " Eurotunnel Frequent Traveller "

4 CCC temporary holiday sites throughout UK.

I think this will do for starters,hopefully

Posted: 16 December 2010 1:13 PM
Subject: RE: 2011 trip plans...
Keeps coming back for more

Posts: 155

We have our first official booking in April, but hope to spend as much of the good weather as possible in the T5 - roll on a good summer eh !

We are supposed to be using it on Boxing Day night, hope it's not freezing cold and acres of snow HA !
userMel B
Posted: 16 December 2010 4:44 PM
Subject: RE: 2011 trip plans...

The special one

Posts: 12469
Location: E Yorks, Carthago C-Compactline i-138

2 major (3+ week) trips: Ireland and France/Germany (possibly including Spain if we get that far!).

3 or so others in the UK hopefully.
Posted: 17 December 2010 7:55 AM
Subject: RE: 2011 trip plans...
Just joined

Posts: 1

We will be going to France in May/June and again in September if all goes well.
Posted: 17 December 2010 9:55 AM
Subject: RE: 2011 trip plans...
Forum master

Posts: 3758
Location: Vanless in Hampshire

I major trip of 12 weeks (April/July) and possibly another in September, ( 2/3 weeks)thus avoiding the expensive school holidays.
Posted: 17 December 2010 8:19 PM
Subject: RE: 2011 trip plans...
Pillar of the forums

Posts: 745

I 4 days at Easter Cirencester, 1 4 days in lake district, 1 month Slovenia and croatia and 10 days end of August for the Dussledorf show.
userDavid Dwight
Posted: 17 December 2010 8:39 PM
Subject: RE: 2011 trip plans...
Epic contributor

Posts: 1023
Location: South Berkshire

Away over New year. Then off 23rd Feb Morocco back late April.

Many trips during the year, mostly over a week at a time.

Hopefully a month starting in Suffolk then heading north as far as we can get, May/June
Posted: 18 December 2010 2:29 AM
Subject: RE: 2011 trip plans...

Forum master

Posts: 4416
Location: Costa Blanca, Spain. 2001 Benimar 6000SL on Ducato

Trundle down from home here on the Costa Blanca to Andalucia region in Jan 2011 for a couple of weeks.

Trundle to....not sure where yet (possibly Portugal) in Feb 2011.

Trundle up to Castellon region for a week or so in April 2011.

Trundle to Galicia region in May 2011.

Poss trundle up to Dordogne region of France in Sep 2011.

Also bound to be a couple of trips up te Barcelona for a few days each time through 2011; and at least one trip up to Madrid for a few days too.

Posted: 21 December 2010 7:42 PM
Subject: RE: 2011 trip plans...

Legendary contributor

Posts: 9163
Location: Bedfordshire, Globecar 636SB

If things go as planned (where's that bit of wood to touch?) this year will be first in 5 years that we have freerein to holiday as we wish. Gf is very keen to make up for lost time. Cornwall in april, NW Scotland for june, Glastonbury for november are pretty much certain, from there it's as much as poss, seems like most nights whilst watching nature programs I get told "we've got to go there as well", I also have a suspission that unusualy for us school holidays are on calendar as well.
Posted: 29 December 2010 11:22 PM
Subject: RE: 2011 trip plans...

Liking what I've found

Posts: 72
Location: Destination Unknown, 1999 Fleetwood Bounder 34J

we full time so is it one long trip or 52 ?? Jan 11 sees us in france travellin down to spain then travellin to portugal and finally back to france before returning back to uk come june. Roll on the new year
Posted: 9 January 2011 7:57 PM
Subject: RE: 2011 trip plans...
Having a look around

Posts: 34

Thinking about the FICC in Prague. Anyone else going? Never been before but did a day trip to Prague a couple of years ago and would like to return
Posted: 6 March 2011 10:08 PM
Subject: RE: 2011 trip plans...

Treasured contributor

Posts: 873
Location: Teesside

4 Weeks in France April/May
2 Weeks Hastings to Torbay
2 Weeks Western Isles.
Couple of mid weeks in Naburn Lock York
Mid week Overbrook, Thornton le Dale.

We may be able to fit a few mid weeks in the Peak District and in Wales.

It's great being retired is it not.
userSymbol Owner
Posted: 7 March 2011 10:15 AM
Subject: RE: 2011 trip plans...
Epic contributor

Posts: 1424
Location: West Wiltshire. 2005 Adria Twin

March-April: a week in the isle of Wight -- never been there before! Perhaps because it's so close to us -- thanks for the idea Andy & Marion Stothert! (The vineyard is a 'must-see'!)

Late April: a week - ten days in Herefordshire. Ancient castles, the wonderful medieval church at Kilpeck, great pubs, etc.,etc.

May-June: Ireland for three weeks -- Ring of Kerry & birding on Great skellig, then to County Clare and the beautiful Burren and its spring flowers.

In between? Birds at Slimbridge -- this week, before they migrate -- a night or two ( maybe up to 4 nights) on the somerset levels -- Birding again -- Westhay, Ham Wall and the hawk & Owl sanctuary.

Then -- the world (well good old U.K. at least!) is 'our oyster' -- isn't retirement wonderful?!
userIain Strachan
Posted: 13 March 2011 1:52 PM
Subject: RE: 2011 trip plans...

Has lots to offer

Posts: 405
Location: Scotland, lunar roadster 630

Already done 1 week in France, booked 3 weeks in May, Normandy and Vic-sur-Aisne, using Euro Tunnel "thanks to Tesco", 2 weeks in September France again but haven't decided where. In between weekends in Scotland.
Role on retirement!
Happy Camping All
Cheers Iain
Posted: 13 March 2011 11:54 PM
Subject: RE: 2011 trip plans...

Pops in from time to time

Posts: 124
Location: E. Yorks. '07 Autocruise Starspirit Boxer 2.2HDi

Leaving for Portugal on Sunday 20th March 2011. Have a one way Ferry crossing with no fixed return date, expect to be away until at least the end of May maybe into June. Then in September a 4 week trip to France.
Will still have some UK breaks but nothing planned, we use the MH all year have had two long w/e in Scarborough and one at Rowntree Park, York this year.

userbolero boy
Posted: 31 March 2011 5:25 PM
Subject: RE: 2011 trip plans...

Epic contributor

Posts: 1707
Location: Somerset 2017 Carthago C-Compactline i138

A week in Torquay at New Year.
A week in Minehead in Feb.
A week in Cowes/IOW and 10 days in South Wales (Tenby) in March.
A week in Spain (golfing) from Sunday - sorry!
Pencilled in 8 weeks France/Spain across April(end)/May/June.

Will consider options while in Spain (extend or return)......
Hopefully some other stuff.........(cruisin' anyone?)

Posted: 2 April 2011 12:37 PM
Subject: RE: 2011 trip plans...

Forum master

Posts: 3704
Location: Way out West (Wales) 2014 Autotrail V line 600

Only one booked so far, but we will be away for nearly three months,
Up to the western isles for a Month starting May, Calmac 'Hopscotch' No.25 only £287 (a less generous trip in 2007 cost us £370 !) Thank goodness for RET (road equivalent tarif) Barra,the Uists,Skye,Harris & Lewis, then up to Durness , Cape Wrath, across to Thurso ,John a groats, Brora, Kinlochewe, Onich, then down to the lakes,then back to see the 'kids' near Brum,
Home for the school holidays (Fishguard) then away 'Somwhere' ? when they all go back. Ray

'Birding' is our favourite pastime: Sea Eagles,Golden Eagles, Snowy Owl on North Uist(if we are 'lucky' again ?), Corncrakes of course , Arctic Terns and lots of others we hope.

Edited by Rayjsj 2011-04-02 12:42 PM
Posted: 12 April 2011 4:02 PM
Subject: RE: 2011 trip plans...
Epic contributor

Posts: 1891

Just returned home?after 6 month wander, France Germany Spain and Portugal, about to leave for Norway Sweden etc for 3 Months ish , then have wheels will travel, Luvin It as they say at McDonalds.
userBig Momma
Posted: 30 April 2011 1:12 PM
Subject: RE: 2011 trip plans...
Epic contributor

Posts: 1401
Location: Swindon, Wiltshire

Already had two trips away in van. At end of May we are going to Wales for 1 week, June we have a Rally with the Motorhome 365 members and in July/August our 4 week tour of Europe (Bavaria this time around). we will probably squeeze in a few weekenders between now and October as well.
userHappy Helmut
Posted: 4 May 2011 12:52 PM
Subject: RE: 2011 trip plans...
Just joined

Posts: 6

Hi we are a T5 too. We have been to France and Holland in the summer, so was wondering how you had got on in cold weather? We are an Auto Sleeper2008 topaz model
Posted: 3 August 2011 1:51 PM
Subject: RE: 2011 trip plans...
Liking what I've found

Posts: 52
Location: Worthing.West Sussex

We had plans for 5 main trips- covering about 25 sites.
Sadly Rosie had to go into hospital in May for removal of an ovarian cyst and having just recovered from that a Mammogram showed that she had a cancerous lump in her breast.
So at the moment she is back in hospital.
We managed to get away twice.
I have to say how very helpful the Camping and Caravanning Club have been in refunding our deposits when I have had to cancel- and the private sites are holding them for future bookings.
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