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Yes 81 Votes - [65.32%]
No 36 Votes - [29.03%]
Don't know 7 Votes - [5.65%]

Motorhome shows poll
userOAL Moderator
Posted: 16 January 2009 9:28 AM
Subject: Motorhome shows poll

Only Human

Location: Bourne, Lincolnshire

Are you planning to attend any motorhome shows/events during 2009?
Posted: 16 January 2009 10:18 PM
Subject: RE: Motorhome shows poll
Treasured contributor

Posts: 952
Location: Worcester

We shall be going to Le Bourget, Paris, again this year. We are invited by Le Voyageur manufacturers to lunch along with all the other Le Voyageur owners. We love the carefree atmosphere, organised parking (albeit on a carpark) and especially the various food stands.
The same goes for Dusseldorf in Germany - the parking in tree lined avenues is extremely well organised and everyone from all walks of life and countrys mingle and relax together. Its amazing how we all manage to communicate enthusiastically about our motorhomes and our neighbours!! There is plenty to see inside the show and out. A walk along the river into the old town is very interesting. The large boats gliding along the water are extremely different to ours and further up there are yet more motorhomes parked along its banks.
Our local show is Stratford upon Avon and we never miss that. It is close to home and we find it a relaxing weekend. The show itself is quite compact and is always a pleasant stroll around the various stands. Again we can walk along the river into the town and the Restaurants there are very good!
Peterborough is another favourite and always seems to have plenty of accessories to look at. After all, we cannot buy a new motorhome every year (even though we enjoy looking) but there is always something there that is just what we need.
We found Lincoln to be expensive although if you really enjoy the music then no doubt it is worth every penny.
Malvern is on our doorstep so, of course, we will attend there too.
So that is our year planned with Shows - we just have to fit in holidays to France in between..........and, unfortunately, a full-time job too!!!!
Posted: 17 January 2009 7:07 PM
Subject: RE: Motorhome shows poll

Legendary contributor

Posts: 8671
Location: Bedfordshire, Globecar 636SB

NEC and/or Peterborough, depending on the Fiat/Pug gearbox fiasco
Posted: 18 January 2009 4:54 PM
Subject: RE: Motorhome shows poll

Gets involved

Posts: 211
Location: Nelson Lancashire

Manchester next weekend, Peterborough and probably York. May even get to Lincoln depending on weather forcast for late September.

sooty 10
userMel B
Posted: 18 January 2009 6:56 PM
Subject: RE: Motorhome shows poll

The special one

Posts: 12469
Location: E Yorks, Carthago C-Compactline i-138

We're doing:

April: The National at Peterborough, we're taking a week off work and having a little holiday down there (we're already booked onto the UK Campsites area).

????: The 'Not the York Show', aka Northern show - depending on when/where this we will more than likely do it.

September: The Motorhome Show (weirdly still called the "Midsummer" show on the info page!) - can't think that we'll do this, we did the Midsummer Music Show in Lincoln in July last year as day visitors but didn't really find enough for us there, it is obviously about the music as well but we found there weren't anything like the number of stalls/ dealers there we had expeced so probably give this one a miss too.

Not planning on doing the early NEC show, may do the later one but that's way too far away to think about!

We did Malvern in 2007 and enjoyed it but it's too long a long trek from Hull for a weekend!!!
Posted: 18 January 2009 8:22 PM
Subject: RE: Motorhome shows poll

We went to Shepton last weekend but apart from being minus 8 at night there were much less stands and camping visitors than usual. This one seems to shrink every year - which ought to be good if you are a serious buyer!

We hope to go to Peterborough and/or Newbury and/or Stratford and probably Shepton in September but it all depends on t'weather and t'mood at t'time.

Has anybody any experience of the Newark show at the end of March - might be fun to invade Brownstuff en mass for a giggle!

The Carmarthen show is very small and low key and is only worth it if you are local or happen to be in the area at the time.
Posted: 19 January 2009 8:27 AM
Subject: RE: Motorhome shows poll
Has lots to offer

Posts: 476
Location: Hampshire, Adria Sonic Supreme 710SB

We attended Shepton Mallet in January, enjoyed it! Mind it was cold, for a small show it is a nice one and the entertainment on Saturday was very good especially the Mime artist even appealled to our teenage daughter.

We are hoping to Attend Dusseldorf this year incorporating it in with a brief trip through Belgium for chocolate and Holland to see the amusment park, Effling.

We have seen an advert for a show at Romsey, Hampshire not heard anything about this one.

Newbury will proberbly fit on the agenda again, and back to Shepton Mallet in September.

Happy window shopping!

Posted: 21 January 2009 7:16 PM
Subject: RE: Motorhome shows poll
Lives on the forums

Posts: 586
Location: cambridgeshire 2004 auto-trail scout fiat

we will be going to peterborough and malvern
Posted: 26 January 2009 7:44 PM
Subject: RE: Motorhome shows poll
Having a look around

Posts: 31

Went to Peterborough, Newbury and Lincoln last year and likewise for a few years before. However the cost is no longer worth going and the events are always the same and there seem to be fewer and fewer people selling accessories and if they are they have little to do with motorhomes or caravans. On top of this the wet grounds do not help.
userTony Jones
Posted: 28 January 2009 6:14 PM
Subject: RE: Motorhome shows poll
Forum master

Posts: 3241
Location: France, or in our 2005 Burstner Privilege t585

Yes, but not a Warners one I'm afraid, just the local operation at Chelmsford.
Posted: 29 January 2009 9:50 AM
Subject: RE: Motorhome shows poll
Epic contributor

Posts: 1237
Location: Surrey. Knaus/Renault

After being underwhemed by a show at Excel in Docklands my innate sense of Northern thrift rails against the concept of paying rather a lot to go shopping.

Posted: 30 January 2009 4:38 PM
Subject: RE: Motorhome shows poll
Having a look around

Posts: 38
Location: Devon

The ItchyFeet Motorhome Group will certainly meet again at Malvern in August. This will be out third time there. Our group trips do not seem to be very successful so it may be that we use the Group to just meet up at the Shows.  It's good to get together as 'going it on ones own' can be lonely. Perhaps this time we can arrange a BBQ (if the organisers allow this). Anyone who goes by themselves but would like to join in with us then just 'watch this space'. Look forward to hearing from you.


Posted: 3 February 2009 8:32 PM
Subject: RE: Motorhome shows poll
Gets involved

Posts: 242
Location: W. Cumbria 2017 eiddis accordo 105

Intend to do Peterboro, as usual, and may try the new show date at Pickering.although we preferred York
Would have preferred somewhere different to Lincoln in September, and may not bother this September. A shame as we have been to York/Pickering for 11 years.
May just venture to Stratford.
Posted: 5 February 2009 6:53 PM
Subject: RE: Motorhome shows poll
Treasured contributor

Posts: 952
Location: Worcester

hi lizken
Stratford is a good venue, short walk by the river to town all very pleasant.
Posted: 5 February 2009 7:49 PM
Subject: RE: Motorhome shows poll

Keeps coming back for more

Posts: 148
Location: Peterborough. 2016 Auto-Trail Tracker EKS

Malvern this year. Might do Lincoln as well.
Posted: 14 February 2009 5:25 PM
Subject: RE: Motorhome shows poll

Gets involved

Posts: 298
Location: Tyne & Wear Fiat Lunar Roadstar 620 2007 2.8tdi

Will be going to Peterboro, would have gone to Pickering but because of them changing the date don't think I will bother as it's in the middle of our Annual hol's may try Lincoln but it's a long way for a weekend.

userOAL Moderator
Posted: 20 February 2009 11:05 AM
Subject: RE: Motorhome shows poll

Only Human

Location: Bourne, Lincolnshire

This poll has now closed - thanks to everyone who took part.

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