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Dog 165 Votes - [73.01%]
Cat 9 Votes - [3.98%]
Dog and Cat 6 Votes - [2.65%]
Other 6 Votes - [2.65%]
None 40 Votes - [17.7%]

Pets and your motorhome
userOAL Moderator
Posted: 18 September 2008 5:06 PM
Subject: Pets and your motorhome

Only Human

Location: Bourne, Lincolnshire

Do you take any of your pets with you when you go motorhoming?

If so, any funny stories or tips for those considering taking one or more of their pets along?
Posted: 19 September 2008 7:40 PM
Subject: RE: Pets and your motorhome

Keeps coming back for more

Posts: 194

At the recent western motorhome show, we did walk past a motorhome with a parrot sat on the wheel!! Made us look twice!
Posted: 21 September 2008 4:40 PM
Subject: RE: Pets and your motorhome

Forum master

Posts: 2049
Location: Worcestershire and France Auto-Trail Cheyenne 635

I have taken my dog abroad since she was a tiny puppy, she's now 7. The idea of the visit to a French vet is to leave any offending "creatures" behind in France, hence the wait of 24 to 48 hours before boarding the ferry. The first time we brought her back to England though she was totally unco-operative, despite umpteen stops on the journey, and refused to relieve herself (in any way!) until we were on site in Cirencester! Fortunately since then she has kept to the rules, although if I could find the scent that attracts a bitch I could make a fortune and cut down on the stops!

Another thing she did was to sit on the driving seat and put her paws firmly on the horn when she decided we had left her long enough to do the shopping. Passers by thought this was hilarious and we often returned to find a group of laughing French people. Now I travel alone I get a lot of startled looks if she sits on the passenger seat - the French do a double-take at the dog driving the vehicle!
Posted: 24 September 2008 12:12 AM
Subject: RE: Pets and your motorhome
Pops in from time to time

Posts: 90
Location: Rotherham 2007 Adria Izola 697sl towing Smart

My cat has been motorhoming for all his life, he is now 8yrs old. Scotland,Wales,Ireland and France 2x a year. He loves it. Well i think he does.
userMel B
Posted: 25 September 2008 11:10 PM
Subject: RE: Pets and your motorhome

The special one

Posts: 12469
Location: E Yorks, Carthago C-Compactline i-138

We take our dogs along, of course, but we also take our pet rats. A few years ago, when staying on a Caravan Club site, we had just arrived and got pitched, I decided to go check out where the facilities where so got out my pet rat, Sprite, and put him on my shoulder so he could have a bit of fresh air. I went into the toilet block and came out again a few minutes later as a Mum and her children walked by about 10 ft away, the kids spotted the rat and pointed at it, laughing and telling their Mum ... when the Mum looked I just turned to her and said "it's amazing what you find here isn't it!". What made this even more funny was that the Mum was actually petrified of rats .... however, she didn't actually react (I wasn't close to her) and the kids came over and said hello to Sprite.

A short while later the kids came over to our camper and asked if their Mum could come over and see the rat - she knew it was silly to be scared of them and wanted to see how she got on with a friendly pet rat. By the time she'd spent 5 minutes with us she was not only happy to stroke him, but hold him as well ... the kids did say that their Dad had poured her a large whisky for when she went back to their caravan though!

(Sprite in dunes in Irelend.jpg)

Attachments Sprite in dunes in Irelend.jpg (74KB - 643 downloads)
Posted: 7 October 2008 6:44 PM
Subject: RE: Pets and your motorhome

Lives on the forums

Posts: 526
Location: Sth Yorks IMPERIAL SPORTSHOMES i600

our dog loves to  go-away she nos when we are getting ready to go .

Edited by dshague 2008-10-07 6:45 PM
Posted: 8 October 2008 10:06 PM
Subject: RE: Pets and your motorhome

Keeps coming back for more

Posts: 194

I used to have a siamese rat years ago! Great pets, and i think they are well recommended for children too! Dont have the smell of mice, and can be petted, which you cant really do with mice/gerbils etc.
userOAL Moderator
Posted: 16 October 2008 2:33 PM
Subject: RE: Pets and your motorhome

Only Human

Location: Bourne, Lincolnshire

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