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Walking Boots??
Posted: 3 June 2008 6:09 PM
Subject: Walking Boots??
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What do they actually do? Why not use trainers. Is it for more grip or dryness or to take the strain off your ankles. Because we climbed the pennines and didnt know because our ankles were a bit painful
Posted: 23 August 2008 9:18 PM
Subject: RE: Walking Boots??

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Bit of a late reply, don't get down this far very often.
With modern boots they should be designed to make walking easier, my Berghaus boots have a reasonable grip (funny enough I have a pair of matalan sandels that are much grippyer) have a goretex liner to keep feet dry and support to ankles, but also they have a 'rocker'? sole which seems to make striding easier.
But at end of day you should wear whatever you are most comfatable in that is suitable for terrain and weather.
Posted: 10 February 2011 11:32 AM
Subject: RE: Walking Boots??
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Totally agree with Colin here! Wear whatever is most comfortable.
userRob the Ladderman
Posted: 22 January 2014 9:40 AM
Subject: RE: Walking Boots??
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I would have said ankle-support is the key reason, no? I find if you are doing a lot of steep incline / decline hiking then that is going to wear on your ankles after not too long.

However, I find, regretably, often the boots that are the most supportive for walkig up and down slopes, can be a lott less comfortable than something like just a good pair of trainers ...
userRob the Ladderman
Posted: 30 January 2014 8:23 AM
Subject: RE: Walking Boots??
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... for those who are interested, I would recommend Sports Direct. This is where I got my son's for Xmas and not so dear if you go through this site here -
Posted: 13 July 2015 4:11 PM
Subject: RE: Walking Boots??
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If you go for a walk in the mountains, I would definitely take boots! I saw people twist their ankles in trainers a few times, and that's really not funny if you have to walk another ten miles... But for flat terrain it totally depends on what is most comfortable for you.
Posted: 17 July 2015 9:49 AM
Subject: RE: Walking Boots??
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This is a pretty good article talking about the main features of walking boots apart from trainers

EDIT: just noticed the start of this thread is pretty old, hope it's still useful

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userBrian Kirby
Posted: 17 July 2015 11:41 AM
Subject: RE: Walking Boots??

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If walking in hill or mountain country, whatever you have on your feet needs to be waterproof. Weather changes quickly the higher you go, and even if not raining, walking through miles of wet grass will soak anything less than a proper walking boot - and then there are those little streams you have to cross that are just too wide to hop over! So go to a specialist store, with a good range of makes and types, preferably in a walking area, and see what they have, and let them guide you on what you need for what you intend doing. Allow for the fact that the boots (if well looked after) will last for years, and you'll probably get more ambitious in what you do, either in terms of altitude and terrain, or in terms of seasons, so aim above what you presently intend doing. Once you have a shortlist, more important than brand, is fit and comfort.

The better stores will have a test patch somewhere that allows you to at least stand, often walk, on a artificial slope to see whether you begin jamming your toes into the end of the boot going down, or whether your heel lifts inside the boot as you go up, and whether the toe box on the boot gives enough room for comfort. Feet swell a bit as you walk, so although the boot should fit, it should not start out as tight as a glove, or it will be liable to become uncomfortable after a few miles.

Broadly, you get what you pay for, and good quality boots aren't cheap. However, the most expensive will not necessarily be the best, whatever their quality, if they don't fit properly! The same goes for the cheapest. They are an investment, and IMO best bought with that in mind.
Posted: 6 August 2018 2:17 PM
Subject: RE: Walking Boots??
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Check your feet ark. If you have flat feet than go for medium ark shoes with extra cushion. I was on a tour of Dubai and later Kartanaka, and felt bad pain in my right knee and it was because I have low ark and had bought wrong ark shoes from the airport.
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