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Yes 12 Votes - [66.67%]
No 6 Votes - [33.33%]

Tent campers poll.
userOAL Moderator
Posted: 30 October 2008 11:24 AM
Subject: Tent campers poll.

Only Human

Location: Bourne, Lincolnshire

Do you feel tent campers are treated as second class citizens on campsites? Can you give any examples of how you've been treated?
Posted: 30 November 2008 4:17 PM
Subject: RE: Tent campers poll.
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you only have to look through the camping club book to see this in action, i moved from the caravan club to the camping club to allow my wife and i to tour on our motorcycle but find they seem to be trying to forget campers with tents and pursue caravans
Posted: 30 November 2008 9:15 PM
Subject: RE: Tent campers poll.

Lives on the forums

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Location: Yorkshire

I don’t understand the problem, the Caravan Club caters for caravans, motorhomes & trailer tents & some sites allow tents,

The Camping & Caravan Club allow all the above but some sites eg; Tintwistale are tents only, some like Beadnell in Northumberland are tents only but also allow motorhomes, but not caravans

I’m with the caravan club, but now that my eldest daughter & family have a tent, we have also joined the camping & caravan club so we can holiday together.

They’ve now informed me that they intend going to the same motorhome shows that we go to, & as they will be going on our designated area, they will use our loo if the sites facilities aren’t nearby

Posted: 1 December 2008 8:25 AM
Subject: RE: Tent campers poll.
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campers are definately second class compared to caravans,i've been on sites where the tent field is furthest from the shower block but the caravans are parked right next to them.The tent field is very often uneven or on a slope.I think they think we won't mind as we are in a tent because we like a challenge!
userKate W
Posted: 17 February 2009 5:17 PM
Subject: RE: Tent campers poll.
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I think that on some sites it's true, we are treated differently to caravan campers. In this case then we will not be returning to the site.

A good site owner will see the benefits of having a good mix of tents, caravans, motorhomes and will look after all their customers. They will then get recommendations from all their customers to other campers.

I too have been to sites where the caravans are near to the facilities, even though the majority of caravans have all facilities inside. I have been on sites where the uneven pitches are given to tent campers.

I think tent camping does perhaps create more work for site owners as we leave footprint shaped marks on the pitches, we use the toilet facilities more than other campers etc.

Then we have the type of person who buys a cheap tent, sets out with a crate of cheap alcohol, a couple of mates and sets out to spoil everyone else's holiday; the result is that we all get tarred with the same brush and they spoil it for the majority of proper campers, the site it happens on decides to turn into a caravan park as this doesn't tend to happen with caravanners as the initial outlay is too great.
Posted: 21 May 2009 1:26 PM
Subject: RE: Tent campers poll.
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We camp with a trailer tent as I have problems with my legs and could not decend to air bed level!
There are good and bad sites regarding tents--we have been put down at the bottom of the park in a damp area overshadowed by trees on a site near Wareham--thats where all the tents ended up.
We now have a favourite park in Cornwall where everyone is reated as individuals and most pitches are available to all units.
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