Info please on living in a motorhome
Posted: 18 August 2010 9:16 PM
Subject: Info please on living in a motorhome
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My husband and I are considering selling up and living in a motorhome for a few years and touring around, I know there are lots of people who do this but how do you get over - address etc on driving licence with DVLA if you do not have a permanent address, postal address, taxing your vehicle - anything really that would technically require a permanent address. Can anyone advise. Thanks
Posted: 18 August 2010 9:26 PM
Subject: RE: Info please on living in a motorhome

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Hi Lumpymeg and welcome to the forums.

Unfortunately you've posted this on the wrong forum, this is for park and holiday homes (static caravans to the uninitiated).
Try reposting on Motorhome Matters and you may get more answers.
Or even better try searching (in the welcome box) for 'fulltiming' or such like.

Sorry I can't help with your question and I hope you get some answers.

Edit, I've just seen your duplicate post on MM, but it's still worth trying a search.

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