Khyam RigiPod
Posted: 21 January 2005 9:51 PM
Subject: Khyam RigiPod

I'm looking at getting a Rigipod with a couple of extra bedrooms, but I notice that they're much more expensive than many other tents of a similar size. Does anyone have any opinions as to whether they are worth the extra money?
Posted: 22 February 2006 10:54 PM
Subject: Khyam RigiPod

I guess it really depends on what use you intend to get out of the tent. I have had the excelsior for several years now and find it very versatile and an excellent family tent. The main pod + the porch bedroom (opt extra) is ideal for weekend and short breaks, for longer stays it's great to take the additional bedrooms. These are large tents though and made for families (I have 2 children) and do take a bit longer to get up. You will need to consider the size and weight when packed aswell ,these are heavy tents due to the thickness of the material. However once they are up is when you can tell what your paying for, the quality of material & manufacture is evident when compared to cheaper products. If the weather turns bad when on holiday i know which tent i'd rather be under!!! If you are in no rush to buy may i suggest you have a look at one set up. Just one word of caution, if youre thinking of buying second hand, double check any of the 2003 rigidome range - there were problems with faulty manufacture and leaking.