Camping torches
userKeith Miller
Posted: 30 January 2005 9:52 PM
Subject: Camping torches

Hiya Guys,

Im new to this forum so firstly hello everyone I just wanted to find out if any of you folks use or have used batteryless torches, radios etc. I run a very small online shop that at the moment does not specialise in anything but have recently found a reliable supplier for these types of products and to be honest Im not sure in which market place to target.
I pretty much answer my own question as being a bit of a camper myself I saw these torches and thought they would be great as backup, what do you think?
They work on induction so never need batteries and have an LED light so no problems with blown bulbs. I see these batteryless inventions as backups to powered products as in the case of the torches, they work well but are not nearly as bright as a gas/battery lantern.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated good and bad. If you are unsure or have not seen these "Induction Torches" I have them on my website currently under the gadgets category.

Best Regards
Posted: 31 January 2005 1:58 PM
Subject: Camping torches

Hi Keith,

Well, I use a windup torch as a backup to my battery torches(very handy in an emergency). I think the prices of these are a bit high at around £30 (that was the cost 12 months ago).

I also have the windup radio which I us all the time when I camping but they could do with longer aerials as the reception in some areas can be a bit weak (I have to place the aerial against the tents metal porch pole to get a good reception!!!)

Now if only they'd invent a windup tent heater!!

Anyway, hope this helps.

userKeith Miller
Posted: 2 February 2005 11:11 PM
Subject: Camping torches

Many thanks for the feedback pete its just the sort of thing im looking for! just off to invent your wind up heater he he.