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Posted: 19 March 2015 11:59 AM
Subject: Accessory reviews wanted!
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Have you recently bought an accessory for your motorhome or campervan that you couldn't live without? Or did you buy something and it fell to pieces within a week? In either case, MMM magazine would like to hear from you for our Readers Reviewed slot on the Accessories reviews in the magazine. Each contribution printed bags the writer £40 and a chance to have their opinion in Britain's best-selling motorhome magazine.

Please send around 200-300 words on your new gizmo, a photo of the product and a head and shoulders shot of yourself to [email protected]

The review needs to follow the format in the magazine:

Name of product

5-6 good and bad points in a list

200-300 words of the review that includes the price.

Contact web address and/or phone number

Please include your name and address in the email.