Fiat Euro 6 Pre- Delivery problems.
Posted: 1 October 2018 5:39 PM
Subject: Fiat Euro 6 Pre- Delivery problems.
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Not very impressed with Fiat Euro 6 - having an issue already.

Purchasing a new Adria, - had set up a handover for this weekend, the van was at the dealers having a pre-delivery inspection and some work done and our Motorhome dealer identified an electrical problem. - It got taken to the local Fiat agent who has diagnosed that it needs a new Body Control unit.

In a way it's good, a problem discovered during the PDI - and to be fixed, not discovered by us beside the road somewhere, but nonetheless I am concerned and it's left a nagging worry, is this a one off, could something have happened to our van in storage, in transit etc.? - The van is a 2018 stock model so it may well have sat for some months on a forecourt somewhere. Possibly bankrupt stock from the Family Travel Centre that's been punted out into the dealer network, not entirely sure - shouldn't be my concern though.

Being a comfortmatic and having some other options - Our Fiat UK Agent have sent to Italy for the part, - there will be at least a 2 week wait, possibly longer while they get the part and fit it.

While it isn't hugely significant for us directly, it's the dealers issue not mine at the moment - We still have our current van and 95% of the funds are still in my bank account and will remain there until the issue is fixed - our dealer is hugely apologetic, it isn't their fault although they get my gripes,

I am disappointed that a van could get this far down into the food chain with such an issue. - It is new and has only a very low delivery mileage only on the clock.

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Posted: 1 October 2018 6:16 PM
Subject: RE: Fiat Euro 6 Pre- Delivery problems.
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Isn’t that the purpose of a PDI - to find and fix any issues?
Posted: 1 October 2018 6:35 PM
Subject: RE: Fiat Euro 6 Pre- Delivery problems.
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TallMike, the only two issues we have encountered with damaged Body Control modules were following Jump Starts.
In both cases the habitation area Power Controller/charger, Schaudt Elektroblock (EBL271 I think?) was also spiked/damaged.

If you suspect that particular vehicle may have been 'hanging around' a while, then maybe the batteries have run flat and a jump start attempted in your case as well?

Suggest you thoroughly check the habitation electrics work as expected when you collect after the body control module fix is in place?
Particularly the 12v Fridge operation and alternator charging.

I know it's under warranty, but if the Schaudt EBL is damaged and the Dealer talks about weeks delay getting a new Elektroblock EBL from Germany, we can turnaround a repair on your one in a couple of days and can bill the Dealer direct.

Posted: 1 October 2018 9:04 PM
Subject: RE: Fiat Euro 6 Pre- Delivery problems.
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Huge thanks.

Cannot really imagine it left the factory with this being faulty and i,ve personally seen the Adria lines in the factory, they have a very thorough inspection department. I work in IT and sometimes you get a gut feeling as to what happened to cause the issue although proof is more difficult.

The van has sat around albeit being new on at least 2 forecourts, it’s certificate of conformity is dated 24/11/2017 so being 2018 stock, it’s actually 11 months old. Probably the same for a lot of new vehicles.

I will be having a detailed conversation looking for new batteries (both) they will likely be sub optimum, the fridge, alternator, and Electroblock, we are having solar fitted and it,s not going to be great if there are underlying issues, Actually wondering if I should pursue a different van.
Posted: 1 October 2018 10:26 PM
Subject: RE: Fiat Euro 6 Pre- Delivery problems.
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I can't advise you about thinking of looking for another vehicle, however November 2017 doesn't sound that old to me?
So long as the Body computer issue is resolved, there isn't much else apart from the batteries which are likely to deteriorate from standing around a forecourt from new.

For example, because it hasn't been used, the brake disc and caliper surface protection and oils won't have been dispersed so still have a decent protective coating that a 'used' van on a forecourt won't have as they would have been washed away and tarnished by road use?
Tyres might have lost a years life but not a significant cost when you will probably still get 6 years out of those? Etc.

I would suggest you are in a strong bargaining position?

If they do fit new batteries you will probably find they are 6 months newer than the average motorhome that most buy, so that will actually be a plus.
Have a read of our Battery Technology page for our Battery suggestions, despite being the best, they are among the cheapest, so unlikely the Dealers will resist your request :

Solar on Schaudt/Adria.
The Schaudt kit in some Adrias requires special attention, may I suggest you read our Solar pages to help ensure they fit the right solution, as recommended by Adria and Schaudt?

Dealers are sometimes tempted to fit a cheaper, not necessarily ideal Solar solution :

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Posted: 2 October 2018 3:46 PM
Subject: RE: Fiat Euro 6 Pre- Delivery problems.

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Show me a PDI on computer of a motorhome? They simply do not exist. Too much phases involved, But the end phase is responsible to solve any problems. On engine- chassis- house- and any house equipment, in case of new purchase. If you buy second hand private you buy as it is.
Posted: 2 October 2018 5:23 PM
Subject: RE: Fiat Euro 6 Pre- Delivery problems.

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The date of the CoC is presumably the completion of the body, the chassis and engine could have been built a lot earlier.
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Posted: 2 October 2018 5:35 PM
Subject: RE: Fiat Euro 6 Pre- Delivery problems.

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If provided with the Fiat VIN-number, a Fiat Professional agent should be able to provide a print-out showing the build date of the Ducato chassis. As it’s suspected that the motorhome might have been kicking its heels for a while within the UK motorhome trade, it would also be worth confirming what the start-date of the Fiat warranty and of the Adria warranty is.
Posted: 2 October 2018 5:50 PM
Subject: RE: Fiat Euro 6 Pre- Delivery problems.
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All the best with your new Adria.

We bought ours new just over 3 years ago.

It’s been absolutely brillliant with fantastic build quality.

No issues on the Fiat side although it is an earlier Euro 5 engine,not a 6.


Posted: 2 October 2018 11:01 PM
Subject: RE: Fiat Euro 6 Pre- Delivery problems
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Thanks all.

An extra month has been added to the delivery period which isn’t a massive problem for me, I want it right. I have to take the detail at face value with a degree of trust in our dealership which over several years I do have.

Currently the van is sitting in the local Fiat agent awaiting a new Body Control unit, this needs to come from Italy, our dealership briefly explored options of swapping with another unit, cannot be done as the unit is specific to the vehicle, I,m advised it,s showing as an ‘internal error” and the primary fault is that wipers won’t work although there are other issues.

My dealer is sympathetic, accepting that at some point the vehicle was probably jumped, it wasn’t them, but are understandably reluctant to change parts unless they are faulty so a very careful check of the fridge and Electroblock will be made, looking for issues. If any problems are found they will be dealt with.. If the EBL is damaged there is a good chance it will go to aacaravan for repair, the dealer is aware of huge Schault waiting times.
When the BC unit arrives and it,s fitted, Fiat will be asked to check the alternator and report on it.

The dealer won’t fit a new engine battery advising that it seems fine but have fitted a new leasure battery, it is AGM, unfortunately it,s one of their stock batteries and not as recommended by aacaravan.

Once all this has been done, a solar panel will be fitted, the dealer will use a Votronic MPP 165 unit as recommended by aacaravan on his website which matches with the EBL.

The warranties will run for 2 years, the standard I think, beginning on the day of collection, the van has only just been registered with the DVLA.

There are some interesting questions from all this, what actually defines “new” when buying last years vans, I suspect that any van that’s knocked around the UK motor trade for while could be susceptible to this type of issue, probably jump started several times unless the dealership has a rigorous battery charging policy. Fairly sure that this van is ex Family travel center stock, these guys went into receivership last year and the van will have been repossessed by the bank.

Thanks for the advice, I feel happier that progress is being made and ultimately I will have a good van, to me that’s my priority, not too worried how long this all takes.

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