Outwell tomcat mp Smart air tent
Posted: 17 August 2019 9:59 AM
Subject: Outwell tomcat mp Smart air tent
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We bought this Airbeam tent at end of 2016 after seeing one at a show, 2017 camping perfect, 2018 camping one of the clips between tether and canopy broke which we had to order replacement tether, this year middle Airbeam has developed a large bubble which we are told means tube as broken down and needs replacing however we were told Outwell no longer have spares for this tent so we paid £800 for a tent which has only lasted 2 seasons and now cannot get spares but I see they are still selling them on internet so if anybody is thinking of buying one be warned so spares available.

If by any chance anyone shows of a supplier who may have u sold stock of beams please let me know although I was told they are £100 + and if I replaced this beam I would worry if the others if the others might fail and do not want to waste money.