There are only killers and losers
Posted: 15 January 2021 10:10 AM
Subject: There are only killers and losers

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Fred Trump, the President's father, is said to have taught his son Donald that in this world there are only killers and losers, nothing else, so it you dont want to be a loser ........

Whether he meant that Donald Trump should litterally become a killer, in the same way that the head of a crime family has to be, directly or indirectly, is unclear - and there are of course risks in going that far, even for heads of crime families, even if you get someone else to do the dirty work for you. But Fred certainly seems to have meants that Donald should be utterly ruthless in his dealings with absolutely anyone in business and in life generally, which is what Donald has shown us that he does every time. If you cross Donald Trump or even if you just disappoint him, vengeance follows at the first opportunity. And he's not shy about making it known that if you cross or disappoint him you pay a price; it's what he does, simple as that.

The latest examples are reported to be an instruction to White House staff not to pay Rudi Guliani's legal fees because the President got impeached again when he was expecting Rudi to prevent that happening - and of course Donald also structk out at his hitherto loyal Vice President (litterally, by setting the rioting crowd on him in the Capitol) when he declined to take (illegal) action to block the counting of Electoral College votes in Senate, to block Biden's formal confirmation as President-Elect. There have been examples of Trump taking revenge throughout his Presidency and before that. Donald Trump wins at any price and by any means; he is never the loser.

But the storming of the US Capitol by his supporters on January 6th, clearly with Trump's finger prints all over it, seems to have been a serious, indeed a fatal mistake. He's reported, in the wake of all this, to be holed up in the White House Residence facing the inevitability of his departure within only a few days, consumed by frustration at his failure to overturn the Presidential Election and the awful consequences (to him personally) of losing Presidential office. He is faced with the prospect of not only another impeachment trial in the Senate (what a dreadful way to have to leave!) but a large number of pending personal and business law suits in connection with his sexual assaults and business affairs (hitherto held in limbo because he has been a serving President) a number of criminal investigations with US and State Prosecutors hovering and waiting to go, and huge loans coming due for payment. He's even suffered the ignominy of the Professional Golfers Association announcing that the next US Open will no longer be held at a Trump Golf Course as planned, but moved elsewhere. It never rains but it pours; Trump's loss of the legal protection of being a serving President is potentially catastrophic for him.

And the Republican Party is faced, as Trump faces his personal fate, with the challenge of either continuing to support Trump and Trumpism, because he collected 74 million votes in the Election and still has a huge number of loyal voters behind him, or finding a way to dump him (arguably necessary to preserve any future for the Party) and yet retain as many as possible of his personal Trump supporters as Republican supporters for the future.

Surely in order to achieve that the Republicans will need to completely bury Trump as a future prospect and threat; so that finding Trump guilty in the forthcoming Senate Trial of Impeachment offers a reliable way of doing that - because Trump would then be banned from any future public office. It would add to Trump's diffulties but the Republican Party, the GOP, might not care about that, after all as the Trump maxim dictates,there are only losers or killers, so needs must.

But Republican Senators face a serious personal challenge; if they vote against Trump for impeachment, their contituency of Trump supporters back home will take revenge, maybe long before the next opportunity to vote them out, maybe by using their guns. Republican legislators have been openly expressing their fears for persoal safety. Trump's recent video clip calling for a stop to any violence will not stop his fanatic supporters from taking radical action, not least because it was hardly delivestill gets a salute red as a sincere and genuine urging, rather it was the least he could do to try to minimise his personal risk of being held accountable for the Capitol Riot of January 6th.

These are interesting times. Roll on next Wednesday at noon, when Trump will leave office as President. The latest informaation is that he will depart Washington on the morning of the 20th for Florida. when his aircraft will at least still be called Air Force One and he still gets to salute in his capacity as Commander in Chief as he climbs aboard. But holing up in his Mar a Lago resort in Florida won't protect him from what will then follow.
Posted: 15 January 2021 3:39 PM
Subject: RE: There are only killers and losers

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Up until Covid, the US economy had been growing at around 3% a year under Trump
When you strip out his extra military spending, it would be about the same as Obama at 2 1/2 %.
If he had accepted defeat gracefully, he might have been seen as an unlucky President, rather than a Bad Loser.
Posted: 15 January 2021 3:48 PM
Subject: RE: There are only killers and losers
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The Mexican's will probably be happy to finish off the Wall themselves just to keep out the American Rednecks.
Posted: 15 January 2021 5:27 PM
Subject: RE: There are only killers and losers

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Good point Stuart
Posted: 15 January 2021 6:00 PM
Subject: RE: There are only killers and losers

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This is what his mum had to say about him.

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