Harrogate show
userdavid lloyd
Posted: 18 March 2022 12:55 PM
Subject: Harrogate show

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Never seen this show so busy. We were arriving at 10 but it was nearer 10.30 by the time the queue got from the traffic lights to the show ground and they are still arriving at 12.45. Disappointingly though, there doesn’t appear to be the usual disabled parking in the showground itself. Everyone was being parked up on the main parking areas and we were told that the ‘disabled’ had been full from first thing. We both struggle with the incline up to the show itself and I wouldn’t even let my wife attempt it - were told there were buggies taking disabled visitors up to the show site - there were two and some very long queues for those. After looking round the show I couldn’t see anywhere that was being used for disabled parking in the show ground and certainly not the usual areas we have been in before - so was that early comment about it all being full a bit of a fib? I’m not sure. However, it’s good to see so many people attending and the weather is brilliant plus, we got the bits and pieces we came for.