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  1. Hello all, Thought I'd post here as I was reading a post from 2018 which had popped up when I was researching my issue and was impressed with some knowledgeable answers with similarities to my situation. Link to that thread below, Anyway - my situation. I have a Burstner Lyseo on a Fiat base 2021.Owned from new. It has a Schaudt Elektroblock EBL 119. the fridge is a Thetford AES absorption fridge which only uses 12V when the engine is running. On a trip in Europe in October I noticed the Fridge would stop working while travelling. I later noticed the 20amp fuse near the Leisure battery was melting. What became a pattern was that the fridge would be ok for a while when we set off but later in the journey the voltage of the leisure battery would dip drastically and eventually the fridge would flash and error. It was fine on Gas and 240. I am a little confused to how the fridge is set up. I was led to understand that when on the 12V the fridge takes it's power from the starter battery/alternator. In fact Burstner manual states that there is a 20amp fuse for the fridge next to the starter battery for the fridge. This is true and this 20 amp fuse is fine. The Burstner manual doesn't mention the 20 amp fuse next to the leisure battery or an additional 1amp one in the same place. However, this 20 amp fuse is clearly drawing a lot of current when the fridge is on the engine is on. I have asked Burstner about the purpose of these 2 fuses but they are not being very helpful. So, really have 2 questions 1. What is the purpose of the 2 X 20 amp fuses (Starter and Leisure) 2. What could be causing the melting of the fuse and the failing of the fridge on 12V. Suggestions I have had so far are a) broken 12V heating element, b) cheap fuses with poor connections, c) the fitting of a battery master drawing additional power from the leisure battery (it was wired into the fridge supply on the EBL.)
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