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levelling ystems


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Hi all ,

does any body know of someone who does self leveling systems for our swift 645 , have tried the crowd in stoke on trent who have after 6 attempts of trying to speak to them have told me end of year ! ,

any help gratefully recieved .


steamer .

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Hi, I used to have the following system on my last (large twin axle) caravan and the whole system was brilliant. you just turned the key and it automatically levelled.




They certainly used to do a system for motorhomes, with only two jacks for the rear, but I do not seem to see it advertised on the current site so it may be worth giving them a ring.

When I bought my caravan system, which I installed myself, it cost around (below) £600 and I believe the motorhome one was around £350, but don't quote me on the motorhome one as that is from memory.


Edit I have just seen the motorhome version under Power Steadies tab..



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Hi Steamer,


We have the Italian Leveltronic system on our 'van and apart from a couple of minor teething problems - now sorted - are extremely pleased with the result. Ours was fitted at Stoke on Trent and we cannot praise their friendliness highly enough. - If a thing is worth waiting for....? *-)


An alternative is to contact Ares, the manufacturers of leveltronic, direct as they also fit if you visit their site - about 1 hour north of Venice - combined with a nice holiday perhaps?? *-)


We tried several different fitters, once we had decided Leveltronic was for us but decided it was worth travelling up to Stoke from Southampton to get a good job done. It is certainly very, very nice to have a "solid" feel to the 'van when using the legs and no more messing about with levellers, only to spend the night sliding across the bed to one side.


We would highly recommend both the fitters and the system - if you need to speak to Ares in Italy (maybe to find a fitter) Anna Bassi speaks excellent English Tel. +39 0445 720021 Good luck with your search. B-)

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