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We're off again!

Tony Jones

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Shorter trip this time though, want some "downtime" so less mileage.

We sail at 17.50 today, which (with time diff) means we'll arrive about 20.30. Meal on boat, prob Le Touquet Aire for the night.

Then (Fri) on towards Paris, but skirting it to the West, heading for Cernay-la-Ville, where we're booked in on a campsite for Sat & Sun nights.

The final stage of the Tour de France will pass very near our site on Sunday.


We'll either take the chairs the 1km on foot to watch it, or if there seems to be room by the road we'll park there like the French do! (The stage is being shown live on ITV4, so we're recording it in case we can spoit ourselves or Roxie!).


Monday is where it gets flexible. The plan is to head for the southern side of Brittany, but we'll check the 5-day weather forecast before we commit to that direction. If we're not convinced, then we'll head a bit further down the west coast. The main reason we're doing a second continental trip is because the weather was mainly bad in April!


Ferry home is Fri evening 8 Aug., then we've got a week away with church (camping/van again) in Warwick, 11-17 Aug.


So now you know as much as we do. Prob won't be logging on whiole away, as it costs an arm and a leg on the mobile phone!





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Me too - have a great time Tony - or, if you read this when you come back, hope you HAD a great time. We "found" the Aire at Le Touquet on a recce visit last month so can visualise where you will be for at least one night......


I love to read where other travellers are going and also afterwards so hope you will let us all know how the trip went - next best thing to going ourselves I suppose, while we wait for our turn.......enjoy Tony! B-)

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We go on the 14th along with 2 other vans but one is meeting us later in the week. 2 others from another forum have asked to do same if we didn't mind, hey!! the more the merrier.

our route so far is

Thursday - Cantebury Aire

Friday - Le Croytoy - choice of 2

Saturday - Changed this to Epernay , Soissons only has room for 1

Sunday - Gerdudot/lac de orient - choice of 2

Mon - Lac de orient , plage

Tuesday - Lac de Der - choice of 3

Wednesday - Beaugency / Chatres municipal

Thursday - Nieuil L' Espoir or Mouton Village, Vassles,

Friday - Marans municipal - booked

Saturday - Marans municipal - booked

Sunday - St Brevin - on beach

Monday - Rennes - municipal

Tuesday - Cancale - choice of 3

Wednesday - Mont St Micheal

Thursday - Arromanches les Baines

Friday - Honfleur

Saturday - Tardinghan

Sunday - in yer own bed.


Starting to look forward to it even more now schools have broken up and life is more relaxed without the race against time every day.



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