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Roof Vents


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Our 1998 Autosleeper Duetto has two roof vents in the living area, each about 37mm square internally and which are opened by raising two latched spring-loaded over-centre handles, one of which raises the front and one the rear. The surrounds are a delightful shade of beige. The opening part consists of a plastic lid with louvres pierced through, and another plastic lid that covers the louvred part with an air gap between. They are very common so I’m sure many of you will know what I mean, despite deficiencies in my description!


While touring in Italy, we had the joy of one of them flying open in a strong crosswind. No problem – we simply shut it again and made sure the handles were properly latched. A couple of weeks later, we experienced an overnight thunderstorm, and at 3am discovered that the outer cover had disappeared, presumably when the vent flew open with a bang, so the louvres were open to the sky. Amazing how much rain can fit through such narrow gaps! Liberal application of duct tape to the inside kept the elements at bay for the night, and in the sunshine next day I covered the outsides of all the louvres with the same universal repair material. No rain since, naturally, but I assume all will be well for a while.


We will be returning to the UK in a few weeks and I’ll need to do something permanent as it has been known to rain there. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to replace just the lid, and how – the means of attachment isn’t obvious – or if the whole vent has to be replaced? Are these items still available, and where could I get them?


Many thanks for your help.


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I have had the same thing happen, as has a caravanning friend and in my experience you will have to replace the entire roof vent.


The problem can be prevented from happening again by using stainless self-tapping screws to re-enforce the plastic rivits holding the two layers of the vent together.


Duck tape is a wonderful product and I have carried a roll for a long time, gradually using it up on various repairs, some of which have lasted for years. Perhaps we could have an MMM poll to discover what essential items Forum members always carry with them? My top two candidates would be:


Duck Tape


WD 40


Regards ............ Michael

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Hi Alistair


Yes is is quite easy to buy and replace only the movable parts of the vents.


Several years ago, being lazy, I jumped to close the vents before moving off. The hatch closed with a bang. A few miles up the road we became aware of an unsual noise and stopped to investigate. We had lost the whole 'lid' to the vent. We went back and located the the wreckage in the road and removed it. Fortunately we were in a rural location.


The weather at the time was sunny and we proceeded on our way home. We happened to pass a caravan dealers and popped in. There on the shelf was a hatch as it was one of the standard sizes. Whilst there we also bought another hatch for the other vent which was larger.


My husband was able to fix both hatches into the surrounds. The screws if I remember correctly are by the handles.


The job is straightforward for a handyman. We would obtain the hatch and fix now whilst in Europe as it only requires a screwdriver as tools. Finally check that none of the sealant has lost its grip when the top was tugged off.


The motto is to keep a check on the state of the plastic weld which secures the top to the handle mechanism. Ours was approx 16 years old!


Best wishes






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Hi Alistair, what you descrribe is an MPK rooflight and yes they are still available and not expensive. Try O'Leary's near Hull





P.S. sorry for the long link but I don't know how to do the tiny ones :$

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