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Morrisons Folding Bikes


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Just been to Morrisons Supermarket and purchased 2 of their £60 folding bikes, 6 gears, alloy 16inch wheels, lightweight steel frame, complete with carrying bag, appears very good value at £60


Just thought one of you may be interested



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My husband has a fettish ... for bikes! I didn't tell him about these purposely as we already have 2 folding bikes with 20 inch wheels (ok M'Lud!:D ) which are around 7 years old and 2 mountain bikes around 3 years old, plus my old Raleigh racing bike which I've had since I was 14! :$


Unfortunately, we got a Morrison's leaflet through the door this morning and he's been badgering me all day to go and look at them ... why? Haven't a clue! I'm resisting though ....


Do other men get these sorts of fettishes when it comes to bikes???!?!?!??!?! 8-)

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