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Truma heater

Irish Mike

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Hi ya,

I have a Truma Trumatic C EH heater/bolierin my 2006 Dethleffs A6881.


When we use the heater all is well,plenty of heat output. The problem is that when I decide to switch off the heat a lot of cool air is then expelled through the same heat vents for 2 or 3 minutes. Seems counter productive.

Is this normal?


Thanks in advance,

Mike. :-D

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Yes, it's perfectly normal.


Truma's Operating Instructions for your heater contain a section headed "Switching Off". This begins:


"Move rotary switch on the control panel to "p" to switch off."


and continues:


"The fan can continue to run after switching off in order to utilise the residual heat".


However, if you've overlooked this advice, the fan running on can be a bit disconcerting, particularly if you are accustomed to earlier Trumatic C-series appliances as, when you turned them off at the heater's control panel, the blown-air fan immediately stopped.


In order to operate, my C-6002EH needs to have the main switch on my motorhome's 12V control panel switched on. If I switch off the heater and then switch off the 12V main switch, that will stop the heater's fan running on, and, if I then switch the 12V main switch back on, the heater's fan doesn't restart. I just mention this as an aside, as I see the heater's use of residual heat as a plus point rather than a minus - basically, it gives me several minutes worth of 'free' heat for no expenditure of gas.

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