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Thetford Toilet Flush Tank.

Bob Elswood

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I'm sure you all have seen this problem before, but as I'm relatively new to this game I would like your advise on this subject.


My problem is ' black bits' that seem to be ever present in the flushing system whenever I use the flush.


I use Thetfords Aqua Rinse (pink) in the system and always flush the tank out with fresh water after every trip.


This does not seem to make any difference, in fact I think it makes it worse!


Is this 'stuff' algae of some sort and if so what can I use to get rid of it and prevent it recurring ?

Any advice (within reason!!) would be welcome.


Bob Elswood.

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From what I've read, Bob, it's a form of mould growth which, though a bit unsightly, isn't actually harmful to anything.


The pink stuff does seem to encourage it.


We've recently started using Elsan Organic fluid (which can be used in both cassette and flush tanks) instead of the Thetford Blue/Green and Pink.


There are still a few black bits but not as many as when using the pink stuff - it appears that it is just the residue, presumably stuck to the tank walls and not dispersed when I flushed the tank prior to first use of the Elsan fluid.


Early days yet, time well tell.



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I have cured the problem by flushing out with Milton (the baby bottle sterilising liquid) at the start of each trip. This is recommended by Thetford. You have to be careful which chemicals you use as some are detrimental to the blade valve seal.
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