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Cyprus Update Oct. 08

Don Madge

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This info will be very useful for anybody planning an overland visit to Cyprus.


It appears one con not "OFFICALLY" import a vehicle into Southern (Greek) Cyprus from the TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) that has entered that state from Turkey.


For anybody planning to take up residence or is already a resident in Southern Greek Cyprus and wants to permanently import a vehicle it must be done through Limassol Port. As there are no cars ferries to Southern Cyprus all vehicles have to shipped as freight from Piraeus (Athens) Greece.


If you plan to visit southern Cyprus as a tourist and have entered through the TRNC with a vehicle there is a chance you could be stopped and sent back to the TRNC. Many vehicles are crossing daily into southern Cyprus with no document checks by the southern border authorities.


Over the last few years I've had contact with about five motorhomers who have entered southern Cyprus from the TRNC and toured the island with no problems at all.


The situation was highlighted last week when an acquaintance who plans to take up residence in Cyprus drove his car over land and entered southern Cyprus via the TRNC. When he made enquiries about importing and registering his car he was given three days to export the vehicle back to the TRNC.


He finished up by driving 1500 miles across Turkey to Athens then shipping the car as freight to Limassol while he flew back to Cyprus.


Although Cyprus is in the EU it is very difficult to get a Greek Cypriot to even admit the existence of the TRNC. The political situation is still very touchy even with the peace talks going on.


Don Madge

MMM Travel Consultant Cyprus.


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