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buenas tardes!


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Well time has come for us to have a 'holiday' now.


Charles is back from his sojourn in the Ascension Islands and is raring to go!!


so the provisional plans subject to booking ferrys tomorrow are:-

portsmouth - bilbao - wed 5th Nov

then travelling though mid spain to the coast round about benidorm ish - then a slow journey with loads of long stops up the coast to Narbonne - then the Millau bridge (on the must do list) - and west and north and up to calais for the return crossing, maybe visiting a few expats we worked with in Brittany over the summer.

11th Dec at calais for the return crossing


So if anyone knows of any 'must sees' or 'don't bother withs'

Any aires, any lpg fuel stations in spain on the coast road.


All suggestions will be eagerly awaited, not got much time to plan!


Muchas gracias!


:-D :-D



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I don't know if you have been to EmpuriaBrava on the opposite side of the bay from Roses but it is absolutely beautiful. That area is a National Park and is wellknown for Handgliding. It is one of those places we said that we will definately go back to. Mostly low-rise buildings canals like fingers that go out into the sea. I will try to put a couple of pics on.





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That's it - all booked - p&o


portsmouth - bilbao - 5th november

calais - dover - 11th December

all for £290


so definitely got to brush up on my spanish - ola!


looks like there aren't too many aires in spain, so any info on cheap campsites or places to stay would be appreciated.


has anyone done the portsmouth - bilbao crossing? if so what's it like?





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Hi Carol

Did the crossing a few years ago on "The ppride of Bilbao" We did it as a mini cruise (cheap at the time £37,00 each. It is an old ship, but can be a nice journey , Whale watching, if you can see! Can be foggy, but hopefully will be nice and calm. I will wave to you from my window, as can see all of the habour. I take it your return trip is also with P&O? hence the good deal.


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I always enjoy the trip Carol. On my voyage last year I spotted a herd of 7 Beaker whales approaching off the starboard bow (right front). So don't forget to take your binoculars out of the motorhome as you cannot return to the car deck following cast off (throwing the string off).

Enjoy yourselves shipmates ! 

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Obviously a must-see if you escape form Blighty and are in the Costa Blanca area is.........


THE NOMAD Live Music Show!!!






Ask Tony.....he and Liz have suffered it, and there are photos on my website to show that he did so!



Forthcoming Gig Dates are always kept up to date on the website by the Sparkle, for your delight and delectation.....





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