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converted campervan

Cyril Squirrel

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Hello everyone, at last I have something to contribute, instead of just looking at this very informative site. We have recently purchased a 2000 (W) Ford Transit high top, on a swb with a manual, 2000cc petrol/lpg engine.

1. It was converted to a campervan by a company called ECM, any idea who they were?

2. We have had some difficulty insuring it. Apparently, without a certificate to confirm it was a commercial/professional conversion (not a private one) we couldn't convince some insurers it wasn't a van. They said take the campervan to any conversion company, get it checked over and receive a certificate from that company. Anyway, it has been insured without this stipulation. I was surprised to find out that, people who drive cars can drive other people's cars covered by their own insurance but Third Party, that same Third Party insurance is not valid to drive a campervan. Should I break a leg, no-one could drive me/it home, unless they are a named driver. Is this normal?

Any answers/comments would be most appreciated.

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Hi Cyril,

Welcome to the Forum.

Your third party query has been highlighted a couple of times over the past two or three years years. Not being insured for 'other vehicles' came as a nasty surprise to a few people - myself included. It seems that is is not uncommon for this to be the case with Motorhome/Camper insurance. Often it is not even offered as an option by the insurance company.

Cattwg :-S :-D

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