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Were you bura-ed?

Brian Kirby

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Were you driving a Hymer North in Croatia, between Senj and Zadar, between 19 and 21 September this year?  Did you happen to notice a small white Hobby Van going the other way, with its driver (mostly) dutifully waving - between grabbing armfuls of steering wheel to stay on the road?  If you were, and you didn't get a wave, or your wave didn't get a response, my apologies.  I have two excuses.

The bura, or bora, that was trying to knock us all into the beautiful, blue, Adriatic.  Didn't dare take a hand off the wheel at times: we were on the outside!

My arm got tired waving!  Must have been the entire membership of the Hymer Club UK going North up the Magistrala, I suspect because the A1 bridge near Jesnice had been closed to all traffic, due to the wind strength.  A few of you did seem very preoccupied with your driving!

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