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Winter Suggestions


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Sorry But Someone Had to bring the subject up, as winter fast approaches have you prepared your MH if you aren't going to use it for extended periods, just a few items that may be worth stating:-


Have You


Drained the Main Water Tank

Drained the Pipework

Drained the Toilet Flush

Drained the Toilet Cassette

Drained the Waste Water Tank

Emptied any Drinking Water Bottles

Emptied your Kettles

Checked Your Anti-Freeze


You may also want to consider some form of heating to help keep any dampness away.


You may also want to remove the foam furnishings to a dry storage area



Please Add to the list


Hope that helps some people

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Mel B - 2008-10-29 8:37 PM


Remove any bottles containing fluid ... if they freeze and pop their tops they'll make one heck of a mess! :D


But only when they thaw!

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Guest Tracker
ron. - 2008-10-29 8:46 PM


Good one Rich - obviously your not on the bottle, at the moment I mean.


Been looking at gas bottles most of the day on and off just whiling away the rain and wind!

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Braunston -


A good and well-advised list.


Unless you and your MH live in Spain, in which case the weather is now just about right for forays around the country in your motorhome. (Too damn hot until now).





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We had a problem one year when it was extremely cold and water was left in the pipes.


Now if I drain down the water system I take the head off the shower and blow down the pipe, leave all the taps open and the remaining water will drain out.


Also U Bends under the sink, drain those as well.


The best way to solve the problem is head for the winter sun.



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