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Joaquin Phoenix

Mick H.

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Just goes to show how much I read credits on films or know the stars for that matter.Reading a report that Joaquin Phoenix is giving up acting to concentrate on singing and saw that the man who played Johnny Cash was also Commodus in Gladiator.Didn't have a clue. How many times have I watched Gladiator.What a loss to acting.



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Not missing much Mick. A recent debate down the pub died a death when the youngsters had 'Arnie' and 'Sly' running neck and neck. 8-)

Afterthought. My nomination was Spencer Tracy but due to the demon drink I came out with Tracy Spencer which reduced the whole thing to a total shamble. :-S . Could'nt understand why they were all laughing and still get ribbed about it. :->

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Mel B - 2008-10-29 7:34 PM


A very, very good actor - he was fantastic as Johnny Cash wasn't he!


Now, who can do a literal spelling of how you say his name ... I know how to say it now but I didn't know when I saw it for the first time.



also known as Leaf of course, pronounciation - a piece of cake :D

Joaquin Rafael Phoenix (pronounced /xo?'kin 'fi?n?ks/ born October 28, 1974),

courtesy of wiki - who else







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