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Parking in Guisbrough


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Many of you will recall that Graham Hadfield and I have been in discussions for some time with Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council to try and establish dedicated overnight parking in Guisborough - not a simple task as we found out since several hurdles have to be cleared such as changes to the Legal Orders governing issues such as sleeping in vehicles overnight - BUT - Great news at last!!


The necessary procedures have been completed and a new parking scheme in Guisborough’s Fountain Street East car park for motorhomes has been agreed and is now operational.


There is provision to park two motorhomes within the car park at a charge of £5.00 per stay. The designated area for the motorhomes is within the coach parking bays.

The maximum permitted stay is 18 hours and the parking times are from 6.00pm to 12.00pm the following day.

Normal daytime parking arrangements are unaffected for those not wishing to stay overnight.


The two bays available measure up to 17 metres long so should cater for most motorhomes.


Guisborough nestles on the gateway to the North Yorkshire Moors National Park and is a great location for anyone who wants to experience both the outstanding countryside and heritage coastline of Cleveland. This ancient market town itself has much to offer and you can get a glimpse here:




Details of the scheme will also be placed on Graham’s website shortly – www.motorhomeparking.co.uk – or contact Paul Castle at Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council on 01642 496427.


Regular forum members will know that Graham Hadfield and I have persisted for some time to try and establish this overnight facility – with the help and support of many members who, in the early days, contacted the local authority to pledge their support by e-mail. Now it is here we would like to thank all those who helped in this way and hope that many of you will be able to take advantage of it when you are visiting the area and enjoy your stay.


There have been recent reports by local authorities of motorhome users abusing parking areas by discharging waste water and leaving litter etc so the trial scheme will be monitored for the next 12 months to determine demand but also how it is used. The findings will be used to decide if the facility will be made permanent or needs to provide more spaces and, more importantly, whether it should be extended to other locations around the area including the coast. So, please feel free to make use of it and please, please take care of it by leaving the area as you would hope to find it.


Happy camping,



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armstrongpiper - 2008-11-01 2:19 PM


That this facility is now available is very good news indeed, and well done David for getting things moving. It would be great if similar parkings were made in resorts along the coast. Whitby is my main interest at the moment (see the other thread under Whitby).

Many thanks, David


Neil B


Hi Neil and Andy


Thanks for the thanks.....


I am hopeful that the trial passes smoothly and indicates a demand for such a facility which will, in turn, convince the authority that it is a good idea to roll it out across the area.


Unfortunately, Whitby is in another authority (North Yorkshire) so will not automatically benefit from the results of the trial at Guisborough - unless there is a motorhome user/resident prepared to make the initial approach..............?


I also omitted to mention, in my earlier post, that the council are in the process of working up an editorial for the motorhome magazines so the news should be published widely in the near future.


Regards, David

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I've just added the details of the Guisborough facility to my web site Here.


I'd also like to say that all the praise for this achievement should go to David. It is he who has put all the effort in over the years, I've only tagged along with a little assistance in the latter stages.



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GJH - 2008-11-02 2:14 PM


twooks - 2008-11-02 1:37 PM


I spent some of my mis-spent youth in the pubs of Guisborough :$ :$





And the rest of your youth in other pubs????????????? (lol) >:-)




aye and top deck n the kirk >:-) >:-)






meanwhile - back on topic, I remember Gusiborough as a lovely spot and can recommend it to all comers -

check out Great Ayton while you're around there as well




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Hello again everyone,


It looks like spring is here - the sun is shining and Easter is just around the corner.


I thought it would be a good time to ask if anyone has had the opportunity of using the overnight parking at Guisborough since it went live last year? And, if so, what their thoughts were? Is there anyone planning a visit in the coming months?


As you will all recall Redcar and Cleveland Council established the overnight facilitiy on a trial basis and we will soon be coming to the time when they will want to assess how it has gone - it would be useful for me to have an idea before such an assessment takes place.


If it is being used there is a very real possibility that the scheme could be extended to include facilities in the coastal areas (like Saltburn-by-the-sea) where suitable locations can be found.


Any information would be useful - thanks in advance.





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On 2 November I posted a note that I had sent a message to Scarborough Council on M/H parking facilities. I didn't get a reply, so a few days ago I phoned them, to be told they didn't recognise the reference number THEY had given me and had no record of the message I had sent. So, I sent it again, more directly to the Parking Department, and (if I can work out how to do it) I will show below their answer received today.

No, can't work that out so will just type it.


Good Morning

I am sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the lack of motorhome parking in Scarborough.

Unfortunately the Borough of Scarborough Off Street Parking Orders prohibit overnight parking in all of its car parks. Members took this decision as they felt Motorhomes should use local camp sites which are well equipped for motorhome parking. Council car parks do not have facilities for waste disposal or a water supply.

I have passed on your comments to the parking review group who discuss all parking related topics.

I hope your experience will not deter you from returning in the future.



I'm sure this is typical of most approaches to any Council when suggesting a change to their thinking - the words 'blind' and ignorant' or amongst the many that come to mind!



I haven't been to Guisbrough to try out the parking, I'm afraid. Quite close to home really. Went to Whitby last week - £100 fine notices everywhere for daring to stay overnight, so didn't.



Neil B

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