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Our Fiat Ducatto Mirage 5000 (first registered Jan 2004) is fitted with AL-KO Air Suspension. There are two dials for showing pressures in the cab. But the instuctions are all in Italian and this is not one of my languages. How do I make adjustments etc? I am even not sure if there is a built-in compressor for inflating the suspension!


The instructions in Italian carry the name of AL-KO Kober SRL, I-39030 Vandoies, Via Pusteria .


Any guidance will be much appreciated.


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GOOGLE-searching indicates that AL-KO's "Air Top" system does not include an on-board air-compressor and that adjustments to the pressures in the rear-axle-mounted 'air-bellows' need to be made via an external means - either using your own tyre-inflator or a service-station/garage air-line. Bellows-pressure alterations would be via the tyre-valve-type connection below each of the two cab-located dials you mention. Each bellows can be inflated individually allowing (should you be so inclined) a degree of side-to-side levelling as well as of the more normal tail up/down adjustment.


I've provided some links below that refer to the Air Top system. The 2nd link offers a downloadable brochure that should be useful to you and (although it doesn't apply in your case) the link may also be of interest to owners of the motorhomes based on the latest Citroen/Fiat/Peugeot X250 chassis.








If you want expert advice on what bellows-pressures you should use on your Mirage, then I suggest you consult AL-KO (UK) or TOWtal. Optimum pressures are going to vary from vehicle to vehicle, and I'm sure there's a good deal of latitude between plainly too soft (motorhome's backside is clearly not high enough and/or the vehicle wallows badly at the rear) and plainly too hard (motorhome's tail is way up in the air and/or the ride at the rear is excessively harsh).


If you are happy with the way your Mirage handles and rides at present, then I suggest you don't fiddle with the current pressures. (Alternatively, if you do decide to fiddle, make sure you take a note of the current pressures before you begin playing about!) If I were starting from scratch, I'd load the motorhome to its full 'holiday' state, then put enough pressure in the bellows to bring the vehicle to a level (perhaps very slightly tail-high) stance and then see what the effects were when the motorhome was driven.

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Many thanks fgor all the very helpful information. From the second site on the www I have been able to download translations of the leaflets on AL-KO AIR TOP that came with our van. And, also, I have now located a local service centre the owner of which is also a member of the CCC as are we. He has agreed to check out the AL-KO settings in our Mirage. So, very many thanks for all your most helpful advice and guidance.

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