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Oh god I feel so terrible I have only managed to catch some of the news ,sorry busy doing the children . I tuned to sky and they were doing the QE2 so I am still not in the know as to why the child sadly died .


I cant get started on the so called professionals other than to say England needs to wake up to this antequated system in Socuial work .


They have too many cases and not enough Social workers they laden them with all kinds of crap . Any good social worker worth their salt and the crap ones soon learn that despite the fact that they come into it with rose tinted glasses on its all about BUDGET so its a quick learning lesson from the service manager about how much he or she has in the pot .


Social workers cant promise anything so they become disslusioned with the whole set up . And life goes on in the end some dont even give a s**t about the kids because its been bangged out of them over and over .

Then they leave end of either that or go through the motions .


Harringay again .

Would it suprise you all if I said someone I know deals with a child death on a weekly basis . Their the ones that you dont hear about they dont make the papers or the news .



On average, 47 pre-school children are killed every year, mostly by their parents or carers.



John Coughlan, chair of the Children's Inter-Agency Group (CIAG), said: "When an individual tragedy such as this occurs, it is vital that we all learn from any mistakes which were made, and redouble our efforts to protect children from harm.



"Systems for safeguarding children have improved over recent years, across all services, as the recent Joint Chief Inspectors' Report on Safeguarding showed, but there is more that we need to do.



"Agencies are working more effectively together, and more children are protected from harm.



"Sadly, though, we will never be able to protect all children from harm."




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Guest Tracker

Many social workers care deeply but some of their 'clients' are masters of lies, deceit and cover up and as Michele says it is largely a matter of time and budget and what precious few properly trained social workers that there are are spread far too thinly to be everywhere at once.


That said it is much better from a social care perspective to be a child than an elderly person in today's UK.


How is it that social workers always get the blame - never the parents or abusers - never the GP practise - never the government for cutting the budget - never the politicians for allowing the budget to be cut?


It's never because 'society' allows some people, who should be locked up for OUR protection, to be out at large because locking THEM up breaches THEIR 'human rights'?


The rest of us of course, including social workers who suffer incredible volumes of abuse from the people they are supposed to help but are not able to, are not entitled to have our human rights protected it seems?



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See rich its like this they got so much work they are running around like headless chickens .

So they have a meeting a serious case review and this serious case review is supposed to put into practice what they learn from the mistake .

They come out of that and go to another meeting they give these meetings all serious clap trap names like in supervision all PC crap and the like . They have a meeting to discuss the last meeting in the end they dont know their a**e from their elbow and they are still running around like headless chickens not making headway with any cases because of all these meetings . Then the bubble burst 's and it all goes pear shaped

So what will come of this nothing they will pick on the wrong people and the cruel people will get away with another childs death at a later stage .

and so it goes . Along the way they will devise some more new Pc words whaich of course is another meeting . Just off to write down all the excuses for meetings I have heard over the years .

Will be back to let you all know



In his report, Lord Laming found agencies were passing the buck and not communicating. He made various recommendations and demanded major legal and structural change.


now they will have a meeting to take on Data protection issues quite rightly so .

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Ok ......


Out to lunch

Off sick

On Holiday

In a serious case review

In a management meeting

In Court

In directions

having Directions

In supervision

In a case confrence

In a child protection meeting

In a meeting with PAMMS

Oh the list is endless these poor SW have all this and they are supposed to look after the kids .

Lets face it we have a drastic shortage and then they leave .

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It's a never-ending wonder to me, just how mankind and societies survived, prospered, grew and developed for the mere 10,000 years or so before Social Workers were invented a few decades ago, as yet one more additional way to separate, via the extra taxation to pay for them all, me from my earnings.
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BGD - 2008-11-11 10:37 PM


It's a never-ending wonder to me, just how mankind and societies survived, prospered, grew and developed for the mere 10,000 years or so before Social Workers were invented a few decades ago, as yet one more additional way to separate, via the extra taxation to pay for them all, me from my earnings.




Maybe for the first 10,000 years people survived because families took responsibility for themselves, their children and their elders.

When they stopped, social workers were invented.

:-( :-(

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These so called "social workers "should be charged with aiding and abetting the death of these poor unforunate children this should also include the medical staff who failed to notice the extent of the injuries  ( broken ribs + broken back ) then hoprfully it will make them sharpen up their act and do what they are paid to do the whole episode makes you sick.
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michele - 2008-11-11 11:44 PM


Shame in the old days you wouldnt hear of this you would be lynched first .



or it was kept behind closed doors, the medical profession was possibly not geared to recognise a lot of the internal injuries and so couldn't've got to the perpetrators anyway.

'in the old days'

domestic violence was deemed to be a private affair and corporal punishment a given, 20 years ago there was no such offence as rape withen marriage.

in a short period of time we've had

NHS struggling to cope with the demands on it

families are now more spread geographically so there is less support - for the very old and the very young and young mothers who are probably at the end of their tether with lack of sleep



then add:

an obsession with individual rights and right to privacy

drug culture

an obsession with paper work and the need to 'be seen' to follow the rules rather than actually doing something to 'make a difference'

a complete inability by a bunch of numpties to apply that very rare commodity 'common sense'



and a lot of innocent and helpless people get hurt



sorry, this should really be on J9's thread *-)



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As you say it was "all behind closed doors".


The trouble is that now those doors have been opened, no one sees anything.


From what I have heard on TV over the last couple of days, I get the impression that the ' front line ' social workers only get to see their clients for very short periods and then spend the rest of the week ( or two ) in meetings to talk about them.



I would like an interviewer to ask if the 'managers' ever get out of their comfort zone of meetings and actually go to clients houses to see anything for themselves ?


... and if any more managers appear on TV and say " we need to learn lessons" they should be fired immediately !





:-( :-(

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Ive been Fuming since I first heard this on the news >:-( it wasnt only the Social workers that let this baby down there was a lodger and a fifteen year old girl that was actually in the room BUT had to go outside and have a fag because the baby was screaming when they were pulling his finger nails out !!!! 8-) >:-( Which planet are these people from??


I just hope to God that they get what they deserve inside because the Justice System in this country wont punish them as they deserve. I feel sick inside even writing a little of what this precious little man was put through. :-(

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Dont worry they will go overboard now ..people like me will cop it in the neck It will be anything from smoking to how did they get a BRuised knee .


Its always the innocent that get it ! You see , they have to be seen to tick boxes .They dont apply common sense ..I am waiting the back lash of it all.

It will be all out war now especially if you look after children that can't speak for themselfes..not againts it just wish they would employ people with half a brain and not children . And employ people that had common sense BUT most of all employ people who have life skills and aint learnt it from a book . Rant Over

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In my professional life I had many dealings with social workers sho, without exception in my experience, were more interested in personal "empire building" than in the welfare and progress of the children they were dealing with. Children who were incredible pathological liars were sided with against the evidence of their long-suffering parents and teachers, children who were happy and settled in their care homes were constantly reminded of a life to which they could never return, or even want to, a boy who behaved extremely badly because he saw his mother ill-treat a younger sibling and who often returned from school to find his mother unconscious yet again from an attempt to commit suicide etc.,etc. Long and excruciatingly useless meetings were held: useless because one knew that nothing good would come from it. Lies would continue to be told and quite innocent victims be pillorised, confidence would continue to be stripped from settled children and the boy would sink further into serious trouble because a new life with a father who cared was denied. So over the many years that I dealt with them (and I retired before the PC brigade got going) I was singularly unimpressed, certainly with the ones I had to deal with.


Sorry but I had written this post this far and then had to go out. No doubt there have been many posts in between. However, whilst out I listened to the radio and heard that the mother is not only that young (she is 27) but that she is pregnant again and has told friends (what sort of people are these too?) that she is confident that she will be released before Christmas!! You couldn't make this up could you?

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