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Wine and the M/H


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Yep know what you are talking about that rippling sound of waltzes and balads played on the arcordian can only be french:-) Nice!!!!


not sure of the specific song titles but the genral back ground music that is played over all things french on the TV is called le Balle Musette. It is a form of music that was played in bars, cafe and brothels around Paris in the 20's 30's and 40's.


There are many compilation cds out there and if you do a google search you mite find some. In my opinion tho the best at this type of music was a guy call Gus Viseur. He was the daddy and played with all the greats of the time.


But if you want that pure french sound and atmosphere the Hot Club of France with Django Reinhart and Stephan grapelli is the way to go. Just unbeatable in my opinion.


There is also a wealth of french music genrally referred to as Gypsy Jazz which is played in bars and cafe in Paris and is derived from the playing of Django. its a mixture of waltzes and jazz standards from the 30's and 40' played with French twist. Dont let the word 'jazz' put you off


you can also do a search on youtube and there are some nice clips of gypsy jazz being played.



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There is a lady who stands on a corner of the main square of Kayserberg, in the Alsace, playing one of these instruments. I used her and accordian on the sound track of a DVD made of the area and it worked a treat.


Kayserberg itself is a very interesting town with a good campsite, or an aire for about fifty motorhomes within minutes of the town centre if you prefer.


Also I can recommend 'International Music Series: Paris Cafe' by Alan Dunn, available on ITunes.

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