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leisure battery problem.....again


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Hi all.

My four year old (assuming it's the original) leisure battery takes and holds a full charge when disconnected, but once back in the van it very slowly discharges. i.e when checked wit a multimeter daily...13.7, 12.98, 12.61 etc.

This still happens when the distribution unit is switched off. It was down to 12.39 today so I put the charger on it.

I'm sure there is nothing switched on ( ref previous truma fan discovery mail) and even so the distribution unit being switched off would negate that?

So why the slow discharge....is the battery done for?

I wait by my laptop for inspiration and solace.

Tony, County Cork

p.s. If I just let it flatten for the winter would that damage it?

p.p.s How are Bristol City doing?

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If your battery satisfactorily hold its charge when physically disconnected from your motorhome, but gradually loses its charge when reconnected, then it stands to reason that an electrical load is being placed on it.


If your motorhome has a Dometic 'Powerfridge', then its control-switch needs to be turned to the OFF position, otherwise the fridge's electronics will continue to draw power and discharge the battery.


If you can't spot anything obvious, then you'll need to use an ammeter to check what's going on.


Don't just let the battery go flat as, even if it's OK at the moment and the discharge is merely load-related, if you let the battery go completely flat it may well not recover.

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