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sirus 2000 proline truckmate


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Have asked this on another thread but seems to have got missed

has any one used/got/likes/dislikes these sat navs?????.


the dimensions of the vehicle can be programmed in and the sat nav will plan the route accordingly avioding roads that aren't suitable, this is the main thing lacking in other models, garmin tom tom ect and causes the most problems.




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I persuaded myself to buy one even though you can't enter POIs or GPS co-ordinates. The hazard/low bridge/tight bend information is good (in the UK at least) but I understand only northern Europe has truck specific information available. The website has more detailed information.


My solution to the POI problem is to also have a TomTom. The two ladies can then argue with themselves over routes - it can be quite entertaining, though yes, I do have more money than sense!



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