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I was given a leaflet recently by Hymer about a power upgrade that they do. It is under the above name. It seems they send details of the engine to Hymer in Germany who then send something back, and they then re-calibrate the engine - or something like that! Not sure why Hymer; I would have thought it would be Mercedes, Fiat, etc.


Does anyone know anything about it? If so, does it work in terms of increasing MPG? Is a cost of £300 about right? Are there other devices on the market that do similar? My van is 5 years old, so warranty issues don't exist!


Ta for any info.

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I don't know if this is the same company it may be worth reading what they do as it should give you an idea of what is on offer and if this is the company, you may want to search this web site for "Remapping" or "Smart-Box" etc as they are similar subjects and have been covered quite extensively




hope that helps

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