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trickydicky - 2008-11-22 11:40 AM


hi, when travelling down to spain (valencia), is it best to pay the tolls,(and if so are they expensive),or avoid them and take longer to get here.


When traveling thru France this summer (Amsterdam to Monpellier to Avignon & back up the Rhone), we used almost exclusively N & D roads. Exceptions were the free auroroutes around Limoges & south of Clermont Ferrand.


Anecdotally, it seemed to me that my mileage was so reduced on the non-autoroutes, that it would be a zero sum game i.e.: tolls + lower gas cost = cost of gas on N & D roads.


Of course, when touring, there's the "priceless" aspect of the smaller roads, but to get from A to B, I'd likely pay the tolls.


YMMV (literally B-)


P.S. - by "gas" I mean benzin, petrol, not LPG.

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Hi, I have travelled to Valencia following this route for the last 3 years and I think it may be of use to you.

From Calais I use the A16 to Boulogne and the N1 to Abbeville.

If you want you can stay on the A16 to Abbeville for 9 or 10 Euros.

I then use the A28 to Rouen (non Peage) after this I head for Le Mans (head out of Rouen on the A13 non peage until the turn towards Le Mans on the N138.

After Le Mans I take the N23 to La Fleche and the D938 to Bauge and then on to Saumer and then take the D147 to Montreiul Bellay where I stop for the night in the aire next to the campsite. The next day I travel to Biarritz via Parthenay, Niort, Saints and Bordeaux. Then I use the A63/N10 /A63 for Biarritz, I usually pay the Toll for the last part of the A63 around 10 euros in total because using the N10 is very slow due to the number of towns etc also biarritz is a pain to drive through. I then take the Bidart exit and overnight at the plage Milady aire.


On the third day I rejoin the A63 and enter Spain using the A89Toll) until I reach the N1 and turn towards Pamplona.


After Pamplona I head for Zaragoza (toll) but turn off at Magallon and shortcut across to La Almunia and Carinena Then I follow the A23 past Teruel and on to Valencia.


I find that although this route is a considerable distance each day I manage quite comfortably with an early (7 a.m.ish) start and can usually be parked for the night before sunset. I also find that after Le Mans there is very little on the roads until the Bordeaux area.


I hope that this is of use to you. Safe travelling



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Hi once again. Sorry I forgot to say that Tolls in Spain are quite reasonable as long as you are not in a Tag axle vehicle. Single axle motorhomes I believe are charged as class 1 (private car tariff).

Also I typed A89toll) to enter Spain That should have been A8 (toll).


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