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Fiat Judder rectification Certificate

mike 202

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Just a thought, there has been a lot of concern that any one buying either used or new Fiat X250 based motorhome will not know if the Judder mod (when available) has been completed or not.


If a certificate is made available to owners, either published in MMM and/or downloadable, this certificate could be validated by the selling dealer or by Fiat dealership who carry out the modification.


Unfortunately I am almost computer illiterate and could not do a down load programme.


However I hope that this thread may point towards a solution to the problem

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Hi Mike

This would create total confusion. I can just imagine all & sundry who have a Fiat M/H for sale downloading a Certificate even if the work has not been done.

If a Certificate is to be available it would have to be issued by garage who have carried-out the work or by Fiat once they have paid a garage for the work under warranty.

Otherwise a Certificate would have NO credability.


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If you were to have recall work done such as a gearbox upgrade then it wouldbe, or at least should be, recorded in the service book and stamped by dealer. Only problem is you would need to know the campaigne number. But anyone wanting to know if judder fix mods had been carried out could check with a dealer if given the chasis number.

Hope this helps you with your thinking of how buyers could check.


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Hi Flikka,


Agree with your comments, I knew that my idea was probably not the solution, just thought that the thread might eventually lead to a good and easy way of verifying that the Gearbox/ clutch modification has been completed.

Teamwork will eventually protect all sufferers with the best or easiest way of finding out for certain that the work has been completed

Brambles seems to be heading in the right direction.


Regards to all



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