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More job losses - Autotrail


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More dissappointing news

Tonight's evening news on lour ocal BBC Radio station said Autotrail are cutting a further 53 jobs at their Grimsby factory.

The news report appeared to indicate this is additional to the 46 job losses announced late October/early November.

Hopefully Autotrail have taken the action so that it will safeguard the jobs for those left.

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If they want to continue producing motorhomes that people will want to buy they need to adopt an alternative base vehicle to Fiat Peugeot.








Anything other than Fiat Peugeot at least until all the problems are well sorted and proven sorted.



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Not Russian Fred, they're Korean. Same company as Kia, one of whose Sportage models I tow my Lunar, dare I say it, caravan with and very satisfied I am am too. Although I think they make them in the Czech Republic now and they have 7 years warrranty, plenty of time to find defective gearboxes.


Very sorry to hear about the further job losses at Autotrail not nice for those concerned, been there, had that done to me, got the T shirt.

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