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How good is your eye?


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J9withdogs - 2008-11-29 4:11 PM


It's perfectly acceptable, Malc. Haven't you read your MMM? *-)




Yes I have read it, and if you had just said " I am going to try it only using maps", my coffee would still be in the cup.


Please be a bit more careful how you phrase things in future.


thank you



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Which bit, Mel? The opening post of this thread has a very addictive game in it.


I was referring to Parkmoys contribution in this months MMM magazine about geocaching. Look carefully and you will see his name in one of the pictures. Doing it 'naked' means without GPRS, of course - what did you think I meant? That I'd be running around Shropshire with no clotheson? 8-) 8-) :D

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