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Peugeot Boxer Seats - Autocruise Starburst 2006

Stewart Hendry

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I find that after 11/2 hours in the driving seat I get a very numb rear with uncomfortable pains down the back of my legs. For me the seats are not too comfortable which is a bit of a killer as we have done some long trips this year.

If anyone else has had similar problems and found a satisfactory solution I would be pleased to hear from you.

Many thanks.

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Possible causes that can be easily cured are seat too high or seat angle wrong.


Throttle pedal angle is also a well known Boxer/Ducato design feature and I improve mine my using a carpeted 1" block of wood fixed with velcro to the carpet in the appropriate position to rest my right heel and foot onto.


If the seat is simply too high for you you should fairly easily be able to remove either the height adjusting mechanism or the swivel base.


If that creates the wrong seat angle, appropriately sited longer seat fixing bolts and spacers should improve the seat angle.


Failing that lower seat boxes are available to purchase and are fairly easily fitted.


And if that fails either change the van or go down to your local breakers yard and buy two nice BMW, Mercedes or Volvo front seats to match, having first ensured they will both fit on the runners and are not too big to hinder access.

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If it does come down to seat replacement, then the following link may be useful.




Trouble is that a seat that appears to be ideal on first sitting in it may, after a longish driving session, prove to be uncomfortable and vice versa. Not all bums are created equal and one person's comfy pew can be another's pain in the backside.


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