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mileage on sprintshift


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we have a 2001 nz conversion on a nov2000 313cdi base-we bought it in Oz in 3003 and it has done 250000kms- we have `lost` 2 electronic thingys on the sprintshift-1 when the vic`y equivielnt of the aa `jumped it and burnt a relay out[ they repaid us for it!!] and then 300kms from anywhwere- the garage in Darwin sorted it out on Merc warrentee. it appeares that there should be an exrta relay down there somewhere that merc let the dealers know about last july [2007]-so- we are good- buy one again-YEEEEPPPPP- could not find one that suited us over here so we shipped it out- so it will be `clocking up the same miles over here- merc rules!!



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