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Iphone for Motorhome Users


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Following on from a previous thread on the iphone, it's worth mentioning that apart from being able to access the full internet, emails, etc, over the normal mobile network if necessary, it also has other facilities of use to the motorhome owner.


The map section, along with the usual functions, gives info on bus movements for the area you need. Always handy for motorhomer owners. For instance, if you pull into a campsite and want a bus into town you simply go to the map section and it will show you the route, the bus stop, how long it will take you to walk to the bus stop, how long it will take the bus to reach the town, the bus number needed and - wait for it - at what time the next bus is due!


The weather section will tell you the present weather for most any town in the world as well as the week ahead forecast. Imagine driving down through France in mid-winter heading for the Costa Del Sun. You just type in any towns you like along your route and in an instant you can check the route ahead. Heavy snow tomorrow in the Pyrenees area? Let's hole up for a day to let it clear and then continue. It works likewise in the summer of course as weather is anything but stable. Still want to move on when you can see in an instant that your next destination is due some bad weather?


The beauty of the iphone over the computer is its sheer convenience and speed of use. In the above example just turn it on, touch the weather symbol, and its there. No search engines, logging in, dongles, favourites, etc, etc. Iphones and motorhomes?, definitely.


Sitting here in the UK ,and just for fun, I've just looked up our favourite campsite in Switzerland. I'm told that it is snowing and will be for the next week at least. Also that the number 4 bus leaves in nine minutes if I'm interested! The problem is that it's a long way from Kent so I must dash,cheerio.


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colin - 2008-12-03 2:52 PM


iPone is availible pay&go, but not very cheap!



That's one edge Blackberry has - it consumes many orders less bandwidth than iPhone & Microsoft-based data "smartphones".

I'm a heavy data-for-business user (I have it on continuously when motorhoming in Europe) & would never consider an iPhone, as much as it appeals to my gizmocentricity!

I'm hoping the BB Storm will satisfy both my practical requirements & my desire for sexy devices B-)


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As f course far as I'm aware the roaming costs are the same as any other mobile phone, computer dongle, etc. I could be wrong of course if anyone knows otherwise.


PS. Sorry about the size of that photo! I'm still trying to get to grips with attachments.

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snobbyafghan - 2008-12-04 4:49 AM


For me, the Blackberry Storm will always be inferior because of it's lack of WiFi connectivity. That's what raises the iPhone from being a mere phone-with-sexy-bits.



just wish the camera was better on my iPhone :-( :-D


Yes I agree- I expect that wifi will be added to subsequent versions of the Storm, since the BB Bold does have wifi. I will wait for that, or pull the trigger on the Bold.

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