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Wheel covers


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Does anyone know who supplies protective wheel/tyre covers to protect the tyres from sun damage, like the ones that are commonly seen on American RVs in the states?


They're made out of vinyl fabric and slip over the wheels when parked. Useful for hot sun-baked climates!


All I can find in the UK (via eBay and Google) are the type of wheel covers that cover the spare wheel hung on the back of 4x4s.


Thanks to all.

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Why not use dustbin bin bags?




Loads of the locals here in Spain just slip two bin bags over the tyres on the sunny side of their MH when parked up in the summer.


Over here you can get them in greay as well as black....the grey ones are apparently better for blocking the sun/heat.


Do the job perfectly, then use 'em for any waste when you move on, and they take up no space/weight on their roll whilst travelling.

Job done.


That'll be a bottle of Bailey's please for Best Idea Of The Day.




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BGD: Thanks for your suggestion but, alas, bin bags ain't quite my style.


Chas: That's a bit more like it. I have contacted Taylor Made by email but Silver Screens are hiding their email address under a bushel. I'll call them by phone tomorrow. Thanks for both suggestions.


Meanwhile: If anyone else has any other 'leads' I'd be grateful to receive them. :-D

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I bought two purpose made wheel covers from Taylormade at the Peterborough Show and they work very well.

I can't remember the exact price but I think it was around £10.

Taylormade also make Insulated window covers and advertise in 3M most months.

Tel: 01484 661918

I have no connection with Taylormade just a satisfied customer.



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