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A Christmas present for BGD

Guest peter

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Just wanted to add another option of saving money in the run up to Christmas and New Year. This is a simple way of having a home-made equivalent of Baileys that is quite yummy!


You'll need :


1 cup of whisky

1 tin of condensed milk

1 carton single cream (long life)

1 teaspoon of instant coffee (or more, to taste)

1 teaspoon of runny honey (or more, to taste)


Give a 15-ish seconds swizz in blender, taste, adjust and add more of some of what you prefer from the above, another 15-ish seconds in blender, bottle (sterilised of course) and refrigerate. Immediately repeat the above, because the first one wont last very long!


You can try variations by changing the base to brandy or other spirits, using cocoa instead of coffee, and including different flavourings like orange, mint, etc.


Yes, the ingredients are a wee bit sinful, but it's nearly Christmas, and you're worth it! ENJOY.



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Peter - sounds fantastic!


(I'd possibly lose the coffee bit, I'll add chocolate instead I think; but the Sparkle would like to keep it in.....so I guess we'll have to brew a gallon for each of us)


Well done that man!!


That'll be the Christmas drinkie experiment sorted then......


Cheers....hic :-D

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Here's another. Orange Liquor:



Orange peel

Granulated white sugar

1 bottle French brandy (Own label works a treat!)


Each time you eat an orange, scrub the skin first. Peel the orange, and instead of throwing the peel away, carefully remove the pith with a sharp knife, and chop the peel into julienne strips, about 2cm long. Drop the strips into a 2 pint Kilner preserving jar, and sprinkle with granulated sugar, enough to lightly cover. Shake the jar, reseal and place in a cool dark place. Continue doing this until the jar is half full or a little more. Make sure the sugar is looking damp as it extracts the essential oils from the peel, before you proceed to the next stage. Unseal the Kilner jar, empty in the brandy, reseal and shake well. Shake twice a day until the sugar has all dissolved. Leave then for 1 to 3 months. Filter the Orange liqueur back into the re-labelled brandy bottle, and drink at leisure.

DO NOT THROW AWAY THE PEEL - this recipe wastes nothing!!

For the bonus, melt 1/2 to 3/4lb of good quality chocolate in a pan over boiling water or in the microwave. Stir in the filtered orange peel. Allow to cool slightly, before spooning out onto greaseproof or waxed or rice paper. Allow to set. Serve after dinner with the coffee and a glass of your excellent Orange brandy. (If they think it is Grand Marnier, don't tell them!)


This recipe can be varied by citrus fruit (Seville oranges, tangerines or Satsumas - grapefruit and lemons don't work too well), or by varying the spirit, surprisingly any old own-label scotch works well, or vodka


One to many, depending on how selfish you feel!

Preparation time:

3 - 4 minutes an orange!

Cooking time:



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Certainly going to try both.


The orange one sounds like my favourite as chocolate or coffee is not may favourite.


And I have munched through a couple of bags of Satsuma’s already this Christmas! - Only us oldies that remember getting an orange at the bottom of your stocking will realise how emotive of Christmas the smell of an orange can be.


So Orange alcoholic Chocolate!




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omidknight - 2008-12-04 3:09 PM


michele - 2008-12-03 10:15 PM


Bloody Ell it must be good tidings to all men :D

Either that or christmas :D



yes - could be those pictures of Bruce`s muscles that had an effect

As Katherine Tate would say "Are you accusing me of being a Chutney Ferret"? "How very dare you" :D
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