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Night Halt near Le Mans ?


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Thanks for all your replies


I could have been more specific and given more info about what Iwas looking for!

There is a site in the CC book vol 1 which is about 15kms from le mans at mezieres sous lavardin which is suposed to be open. If it is not, I might try the aire on the quai of the Sarthe.


Thanks again one and all





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We have been past Le Mans several times but this September used he quai on the Sarthe aire. It is is about ten minutes walk from the town centre in a residential area and fairly quiet. There are only about eight places and when we were there filled up by about 3.30pm

The Roman town walls are special, standing 20m high and amongst the best preserved in the world.



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Hi bob,

Tried to answer sooner but travelling and could not remember login details till today.

Le Mans aire hard to find N48deg.00ft.08.0ins E00deg.11ft.22.3ins (garmin)

10th Nov.2008 full of 8 local white van man & 3 M/H.

Better bet Coulans Sur Gee small village side of N157 west of Le Mans

N48deg.01ft.17.6ins. E00deg.00ft.54.9ins.

4 free electric points (24hrs) pitches not marked but room for 6 M/H.

When you find aires like this you look on the UK as total rip-off.


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If you do use Coulans Sur Gee (Aire de camping)


Give us a "heads up" on the forum. I am going down in January and this could be a better N-H than the usual, especially as we are on a "later" boat than usual..





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