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Alternative to a Safari Room


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At present we attach a Safari / Privacy Room to our 4.5M Fiamma Zip Awning. Although this is ideal when there is no wind, on windy days it feels as though the whole awning box could be ripped off the side of the van.


Can anyone suggest an alternative to the Safari Room, either free standing or attached to the van, which will give us a useful area of around 4.0M x 2.5 M and full head height.


We usually errect the room during our long stay in the Spanish Winter.


AlanR 8-)

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fred as experienced sum very windy days me ansums, but as never gone as far as blowin is saferi room off. now that would be embarrassing . us thinks the only real alternaytive is to buy a bigger motorhome. no doubt other forum members will av their own ideas.



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